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Bye Bye Wisdom Tooth

December 15, 2008

Been on hiatus for far too long~! Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog.. Haven’t had the time *sniff*.. Anyways, I’m on MC today so I finally have time to blog.. And what better thing to blog about than the extraction of one of my four wisdom teeth..

For a few days now, my right lower jaw has been hurting so much to the extent where the slightest touch triggers an almost unbearable pain! So I went to see a dentist at the out-patient clinic.. She told me that the pain wasn’t only due to the fact that my lower molar was coming out, it was also because my upper molar was cramping my mouth space.. or something like that..

So anyways, I got an x-ray done and I found out that both my upper molars were out, while both the lower ones were still embedded in my gums.. The dentist then said she would remove my right upper molar so that there will be more space and so that my lower molar can grow out and removing it would be easier then..

There and then, she injected my top right gum with local anesthetics (lignocaine maybe?) and allowed my mouth to numb before she extracted my wisdom tooth. True enough, I didn’t feel the pain.. But I did feel uncomfortable through the whole extraction process since the dentist was pulling and pushing and doing what not’s with my tooth before it could come out..

Then suddenly, while she was doing whatever she was doing, I heard a loud, distinct “CRACK”!! In my mind, I was like “OH SH*T!! What the hell broke??” My question was shortly answered when the dentist showed me my tooth.. She had removed it but had broken one of the roots and had left it there.. She said it was okay.. But that’s yet to be proven..




Looks like wax doesn’t it? Lols! Gosh, it’s been 2 hours and my gum is still bleeding.. Let’s hope it stops soon.. I don’t wanna end up in the ward being infused with antibiotics and blood.. Yikes!

Anyways, Imma end my post here.. Hopefully I’ll be able to update my blog more often.. There are so many things I wanna share with you guys but I just don’t have the time to do it! Sigh~!

So until my next post… Whenever that may be