Pegawai Farmasi Gred U41

October 9, 2008

Yup.. That’s what I’m called at my new work place, Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA), Johor Bahru!

Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in such a long time.. No internet where I stay.. YET! In the midst of applying now..

You guys should totally see my new apartment which I share with a colleague of mine who used to study MPharm in IMU, Xin Hui..

Our front door faces the Straits of Johor, while our balcony faces Johor Bahru town and we can even see Singapore from our place! Can you imagine, seeing the sea when you go to work in the morning, and facing a great night view when you come back, tired from work?

No pictures tho.. I haven’t had the time to upload anything into my computer.. Been really busy with work and stuff.. Still getting used to JB town, the roads, the traffic, the food..

HSA is a really big hospital! It’s the second biggest hospital in Malaysia, and one of the busiest!! The first few days, I walked so much I got blisters all over my feet!! I’m still trying to get around.. I got lost a few times within the hospital compounds lols!

My colleagues are mostly from Johor.. and everyone’s from different universities around Malaysia and overseas.. Quite a handful of them are from Segamat, in fact! Here’s hoping I’ll get to know them better before our PRP year is over..

Most of the pharmacists at HSA are really nice people.. Haven’t met everyone.. But if all the pharmacists are like those I’ve met, I’m gonna be happy at HSA! The dispensers and assistant pharmacists are also really friendly and ever ready to share their vast knowledge with us..

Currently I’m posted to the Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) unit of HSA.. Reconstituting TPN bags isn’t an easy job! It’s tedious, hard, and very stringent since our method has to be as aseptic as possible to minimize microorganisms..

Anyways, I guess that’s about all I’ve got to blog about now.. Will post pictures soon, I hope~!

Missing everyone loads!! And I totally miss coming online!!!



  1. hey jo!
    would consider going to that hospital for elective lah since u r there..hehehee!
    hope to hear more abt ur working life (omigosh!)

  2. hey, happy working~ =)

  3. I wonder where you stay. I never stayed in the town of JB leh even though I was from JB. Gosh, the view must be nice. I miss the sea =)

    Jiayou!! Dont get too tired ah!

  4. first of all, congrats to you.
    great to hear that you like your working life so much.
    i am being posted to farmasi bekalan ward

  5. chia ling: oo come come.. can stay at my place.. its a great place to learn stuff =)

    josantoes: thanks ya.. ur turn is soon worrrr hehe

    kiwi-bird: eh come la.. always welcome.. like chia ling, you oso can stay over FOC ^^

    hp84: yup enjoy it.. am in TPN now.. hehe

  6. Nice article… thanks for sharing.. keep it up ^^

  7. hye,

    i google about pharmacy and suddenly ur blog appeared..im just wondering about the life as a PRP in HSA..is it OK? do u learn much in HSA?How do u find HSA in gaining knowledge and the work load? im still thinking of whether to do my PRP in HSI or HSA? DO u have any suggestion? Plze help!!!

  8. hey prp to be.. sorry i didnt check my blog earlier..

    hmm.. being a prp at any BUSY hospital would be a living hell at the beginning.. you’d get used to it later tho you’d never stop complaining lols..

    from my point of view, hsa and hsi both have their pros and cons.. most of the gaining knowledge part really comes down to you urself, whether or not you are willing to learn whatever they teach you, and learn more..

    in hsa, if you dont ask, well.. dont expect to be told.. ur practical skills will be bar none but theory wise… hmm… like i said la.. its up to u to gain them urself..

    whether or not ur in hsa or hsi, ud get lotsa on calls.. those are the ones you’d really dislike coz it would eat into ur plans and stuff like that.. i cant comment on which is worse coz its a matter of opinion..

    if you ask me to choose again, between hsa and hsi? i would chose hpsf lols! if u do come to hsa however, you’d have more friends i guess coz we’ve more prps and frps here.. which also means more politics i guess lols..

    good luck with wherever u choose to go.. if u wanna know more details (which i obviously cant expose here since i could offend some ppl and probably get into boiling water) feel free to email me @ phae_22@hotmail.com.. cya~

  9. nice post……..check it out blog saya

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