It’s All About Compatibility

February 27, 2010

We have always been and will always be compatible as just friends and nothing more. Like he said, we just didn’t like each other very much. Not the real us anyway. There were so many characteristics to him that I could not stand nor comprehend, and likewise. We were emotionally incompatible.

I thought it would be hard to go back to being friends after our half year episode of trials and tribulations but I guess I was wrong. The strong feelings of love that we used to have for each other is now buried six feet underground. That makes things easier for the both of us.

There was just too much heartache and pain, anger and resentment, and every other negative emotions between us during the last months of our relationship. These make it impossible to have things back on track or to pick up where we had left off but what happiness we found in each other would be a strong foundation to remain as the closest of friends.

I now understand that the “clash period” was when we were together. This means we were never meant to be more than just friends. I’m happy that things have worked out between us. The both of us will definitely be happier this way. Now the only thing that’s bothering me is Japan. I’m still wondering if it would be awkward for us and for those around us if I went. Doesn’t matter.. I’ve about 1 week to make up my mind!

Suggestions are welcome.. I know that you guys are reading my blog! 😛



  1. Lady… “It was nice while it lasted” A friend told me once. You hav told me before, long distance would never work (well not that im saying yours is…) well its all up to fate no matter how faithful 2 beings are. Love is not everything, as the saying goes there’s many other fishes in the sea. Before u knw it, u’ll hit jackpot 😉 You knw its true love when its not painful being together all the time… ^_^ enjoy single life while u can!

  2. thanks.. appreciate the advice ^^

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