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3/52 & Counting…

October 24, 2008

Today ends my 3rd of a 4 week rotation at TPN in HSAJB.. Another one week to go, then 11 months left of PRP, and hello OPD!

I like my work place, my colleagues, and practically everything about HSA.. What I don’t like is the workload especially now that we at TPN are required to travel for 40 minutes everyday to HSI to reconstitute our TPN bags since our place is under repair and renovation..

Not to mention, we constantly receive complaints coz we deliver the TPN bags late without them actually knowing the actual situation and the time we waste travelling and waiting at HSI!

If I were to tell you, I managed to collect 24 hours in overtime to claim for time-off in just less than two weeks, I’m sure you can average out what time we come back to HSA 5/7..

Recently, the apparatus and what nots we’ve been using have been causing more problems than easing our workload and cutting short our reconstitution time.. Not to mention, flushing money down the drain!

Fungus growth in measuring chambers and merrily floating unwanted particles in TPN bags has without a doubt, made our lives a living hell! And I’ve never despised bubbles so much! Everyday, it’s just *WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!!* followed by *OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!!!*

It’s not easy whacking bubbles ok! Especially those small irritating ones that just wont stop replicating themselves!! And we can’t stop whacking until all the bubbles are completely gone.. Usually I’ve a second opinion for mine coz I don’t trust my eyes.. But yesterday I was alone.. I hope there were no bubbles!!

It’s currently 5:19AM, I’m awake and listening to internet radio.. (THANK GOD FOR BROADBAND!!) I managed to sleep, thanks.. Just that my brain voluntarily started working at 4.30AM! And now, I can’t get back to sleep!!

Really hungry now coz I didn’t eat proper dinner.. I just had a piece of cake like thingy, and a packet of milo.. I’ve fallen sick too, no thanks to the rain and the toll my work has taken on my body and mind! Too bad taking MC would mean less leave..

Today is probably gonna be a long day coz two of my TPN colleagues aren’t gonna be around.. Which also prolly means my workload will be trippled since I’ve to do their share! Sure I’ll have help.. But would it be enough? But well.. TGIF!

I’ll be on Deepavali shift this Sunday and Monday.. It was just Sunday, originally, but I’m taking over for my friend since she’s got other plans.. I can’t go back home anyways since I’m booked to work on Sunday.. But I’ve requested to claim for time-off next Tuesday so that I’ll have a day to rest..

Forensic Exam is on the 3rd of next month.. I didn’t wanna sit for it so soon since I’ve just started work and am trying to get used to working life still.. Besides, I don’t have the time to sit down and study those boring books on Malaysian statutes! Ah well, I’m prepared for the worst!

Anyways, that’s about all the updates I have for now.. Here’s hoping that there will be no technical errors today! Will check on the baby later this morning to make sure he’s fine.. Like I said.. I’m afraid there might have been bubbles in the preparation yesterday that I was not aware of.. Sigh..

Til’ next time.. Wish me luck! ^^ *COUGH! COUGH!!*


Unofficial Open House

October 18, 2008

It was to celebrate Yen Teng’s last day as a PRP in HSA.. My colleagues at TPN planned to have a small gathering at my place, pot luck style! So since Xin Hui and I haven’t had an open house, we decided to make this a “somewhat” open house that night..

During lunch time, Yen Teng, Yok Dai, Wai Meng and I went out for lunch and at the same time to get some foodstuff for the gathering.. Finally after days of eating crappy JB food, Yen Teng introduced some good laksa mee when I was at the brink of giving up all hope of ever eating good food in JB!

Lazy-eyed Yen Teng & Eedaii

Me & Meng zhai~!

Me & Meng zhai~!

PRP's @ TPN/Manufacturing

New PRP's @ TPN/Manufacturing

Later that night, the whole TPN/Aseptic manufacturing department except Kak Aini and Puan Siti (my immediate bosses) came to my apartment.. So while I cooked some food, my housemate entertained our guests and helped me in-between..

We had great fun, and totally enjoyed each other’s company! Xin Hui agreed that we at TPN are like one big happy family! I guess that’s why I enjoy my job so much despite the fact I hate making TPN bags!! Damn “muhibbah” k!!

*Peace* and food~!!

Kak Silva's awesome curry chicken!! *DROOL!!*

Kak Silva's droolicious curry chicken!!

Yen Teng's contribution.. ROJAK!

Yen Teng's contribution -- ROJAK!

Budak-budak TPN + Aseptic Manufacturing

Budak-budak TPN + Aseptic Manufacturing

Gonna miss you, Yen Teng!! Thanks for being a patient and great TPN teacher!! Hehe! Good luck in Segamat hospital.. Hopefully I’ll be able to join you there next year!

P/S: If you think the pics are terrible (e.g. lighting) blame Xin Hui! LOLS!


I Still Have A Life…

October 16, 2008


Who says PRP’s are so busy that we can’t go out and have fun? I’ll tell you who.. People who can’t juggle their time! Bpharm IMU did us good in that department lols!

Went to Kim Gary’s in City Square JB on the 14th to celebrate my colleague’s 24th birthday with my housemate, Xin Hui, despite the fact I came home late from work that day.. We asked a couple of our other colleagues along as well but they “weren’t ready” to celebrate Wai Meng’s birthday that night!

Birthday boy & I
Birthday boy & I
Wai Meng & Xin Hui
Wai Meng & Xin Hui (Same smile lols!)
Should make me Kim Gary's ambassador!
Ambassador material?
So kesian.. Only 2 of us + Birthday boy singing "Happy Birthday" lols!
So kesian.. B’day boy sing to himself!
B'day boy feed me wor~!!
B’day boy feed me wor~!!
Xin Hui feed b'day boy!
Xin Hui feed b’day boy!

Although we celebrated Meng chai’s birthday on a REALLY small scale, it was still enjoyable coz of the wonderful food and great company and 15% discount using STUDENT card! Yay!! Looking forward to doing something like this again soon!

Soon to come… My unofficial open house!

(Hopefully I’ll get my streamyx by tomorrow!)


Pegawai Farmasi Gred U41

October 9, 2008

Yup.. That’s what I’m called at my new work place, Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA), Johor Bahru!

Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in such a long time.. No internet where I stay.. YET! In the midst of applying now..

You guys should totally see my new apartment which I share with a colleague of mine who used to study MPharm in IMU, Xin Hui..

Our front door faces the Straits of Johor, while our balcony faces Johor Bahru town and we can even see Singapore from our place! Can you imagine, seeing the sea when you go to work in the morning, and facing a great night view when you come back, tired from work?

No pictures tho.. I haven’t had the time to upload anything into my computer.. Been really busy with work and stuff.. Still getting used to JB town, the roads, the traffic, the food..

HSA is a really big hospital! It’s the second biggest hospital in Malaysia, and one of the busiest!! The first few days, I walked so much I got blisters all over my feet!! I’m still trying to get around.. I got lost a few times within the hospital compounds lols!

My colleagues are mostly from Johor.. and everyone’s from different universities around Malaysia and overseas.. Quite a handful of them are from Segamat, in fact! Here’s hoping I’ll get to know them better before our PRP year is over..

Most of the pharmacists at HSA are really nice people.. Haven’t met everyone.. But if all the pharmacists are like those I’ve met, I’m gonna be happy at HSA! The dispensers and assistant pharmacists are also really friendly and ever ready to share their vast knowledge with us..

Currently I’m posted to the Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) unit of HSA.. Reconstituting TPN bags isn’t an easy job! It’s tedious, hard, and very stringent since our method has to be as aseptic as possible to minimize microorganisms..

Anyways, I guess that’s about all I’ve got to blog about now.. Will post pictures soon, I hope~!

Missing everyone loads!! And I totally miss coming online!!!



October 2, 2008

Arghh!! I’m having palpitations, I’m suffering from insomnia, I’m totally freaked out!! Help!! I’m all topsy-turvy inside because and only because of one thing..


It’s been so long since I last used my limited drug knowledge, at which time whatever information I had stored in my cerebral cortex was still fresh and since I was still a student, it was ok to make mistakes..

Now, if I were to say “I don’t know” or if I were to make mistakes that pharmacists should not make, it would be like persona non grata, “get out and go back to school!”

Not to mention, they way other health professionals would look at me with the “tsk, how stupid” look, which would obviously make me feel like burying my head in the ground!

What if patients were to ask me something and I didn’t know how to answer them?? I can’t be telling them, “oh, I’m sorry.. I’m a new pharmacist so I don’t know how to answer you” can I??

Even if you tell the patient, “can I get back to you on that?”, or what if I gave them the wrong answer?? They’d already be raising their eyebrows thinking, “my goodness, she’s a pharmacist and she doesn’t know??”

And what if I were to kill someone?? OMG!! Imagine having to face with the fact that you’re a murderer apart from facing lawsuits from all over!! *Shudder* Let’s not go there…


Truth be told, I’m a total wreck now.. I wonder if any of my friends are feeling the same way as me.. Unconfident, scared, and unprepared..

God help me! *Prays*