Xanax® Anyone?

September 11, 2008
[Xanax® – Alprazolam (Class: Benzodiazepine)]

Four whole months of waiting.. And finally, in just four days time, we will finally know which state we are being posted to! Gosh, I’m so anxious!!

But the question is.. Can we trust what the guy on the other end of the line said??

He’s the one who told us to check back at the end of last month.. And when we did, he said it will be this month.. Yesterday he said to call back on the 15th.. Will this be false hope again?

He also said we are to report to the health ministry of whichever state we are sent to on the 1st of October but with 2 weeks grace.. The 1st of October happens to be Raya! According to him, we were suppose to report later but because of some complaints or something, he had to push the thing forward..

And that is how, from having a month to get ready to do whatever needs to be done before we report, we now only have 2 weeks!

Our MPharm comrades are luckier in a sense they just recently went for their interviews and had received their letters way earlier than us. And they’ve got a month to prepare before they report! Plus, as far as I know, they were all given their first choices.. Many of us are still bombed out with the fact that we applied earlier and yet we’re still waiting for our posting!

What I don’t like about this whole system is we are only informed of the state we’ll be posted to.. NOT the hospital itself! And if that state has a lot of general hospitals or if you need to fly from one place to another within that state itself, wouldn’t that be bothersome??

Here’s an example… Say you were to get Sabah. First you pack your bags and fly to Kota Kinabalu to report at the health ministry branch there. Then they tell you that you are posted to Tawau hospital. And to get to Tawau hospital, you need to fly!

Not to mention, if you’ve no one there, no relatives, no contacts, or even worse, you’re the only one sent there, you’re gonna have more questions and problems hanging over your head like “where am I gonna stay?”, “who can I stay with?”, “how am I gonna get around?”… You get the picture!

So why can’t they just tell you there and then which hospital you are sent to? Instead of having to go on a wild goose chase, this I do not understand! At least if they do that, you’d have one less worry and you’d be able to hunt for some place to stay before you actually start working!

I can feel my pressure building… Yikes!

I wonder if you’d actually get quarters to stay at while you’re looking for a house and housemates or if you’ll have to stay at hotels until you find one..

So many questions.. yet, I can only wait patiently for the answers to arrive themselves!

Anyways, here are the numbers to call on the 15th if you wanna know your postings by phone.. instead of waiting anxiously for the postman to come!




And ask for En. Osman! Hope you guys will get the state of your choice! *Prays hard*

P/S: Today is the 11th of September.. Exactly 7 years ago, America was attacked by Al-Qaeda suicide bombers, ending in the collapse of the World Trade Center in NYC, and the loss of almost 3000 lives that day! America and the world are still recovering from their shock to this day..


[Edited @ 10:26 on 12/9]

According to someone (he called yesterdaya day after me), En. Osman said we wil start work either on the 1st OR 16th of October! Seriously! If we call today, he might change the dates again.. prolly to next month or worse, next year!! Dammit!



  1. I also hate the whole process.
    I have no comment. Sad..
    Just hope all of us can get the hospital that we applied for.

  2. hi jo,same wif hp,im vry sad oso,even durian runtuh many times our posting letters stil havnt come…sigh sigh sigh =( jus hope v can get wat v wan…v now pray evryday…

  3. hp84 and leefern: hopefully they wont let us down la..

  4. hopefully..

  5. Haha, I like the whole Mr.Osman changing the dates as and when he likes bit..hehe..we are so not starting on the 1st la. It’s a freaking public holiday and it’s RAYA!!! means the whole of Malaysian world need to be on holiday. And yes that posting to state and then only going to know which hospital is rather stupid. I have been preaching this stupidity to all my friends who keep asking me when I’m gonna start work. The director of pharmacy board should really do something about it.

  6. I think the earliest they will let us start is 16 Oct le..
    The Mr Osman maybe got hypoglycemia when he tell u about the date.. GOt hallucination… hahaha

  7. Yee Yin, you’re right. Maybe Mr Osman got hallucination, wanting to celebrate raya earlier mar.

  8. jivan and yeeyin: dunno le.. he memang know its raya.. can tell me sumore.. just wait la.. what to do?

    hp84: lols! wanting to celebrate and hypoglycaemia..

  9. Hai I’m Agnes. I saw ur post and I still haven got any news till today… Do you got the news already? As pegawai Sains?

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