Happy Birthday, Fallen Angel!

August 28, 2008

23 years ago, an angel fell down from the Heavens and landed in a nicely cushioned sack surrounded by amniotic fluid and became mortal 9 months later on the 28th of August 1985! Though his wings were lost the moment he fell down to earth, and his memories forgotten the minute he cried his first cry as a mortal, this fallen angel had no doubt kept the one thing only angel’s had.. A heart so pure, without a tinch of irony in it!

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

However, now that this fallen angel is mortal, because of external factors, he grew up to be a name-calling idiot who loved to target poor innocent girls like me, enjoyed scaring people off with his infestation of sarcoptes scabei, had fun comparing the size of a giant pineapple with human heads (namely mine), teased people about being real women, and most of all, took great joy in seeing his victims act up and go mad everytime he bullied them!

Evil Tek Jee - Take 1

Evil Tek Jee - Take 1

But, although this fart-producing factory (who had once farted in my face just to wake me up) seems like a great big bully who scolds people when they cry, he is still very much the angel he used to be. His heart unperturbed by the evil forces that surrounds this whole world, remains as pure as ever! But of course, he only shows his true colours when situation calls for it.. If not, he’s just another great big bully! Lols!

Evil Tek Jee - Take 2

Evil Tek Jee - Take 2

Anyways, I just wanna say, Happy 23rd Birthday, Fallen Angel, who’s name is now Chin Tek Jee! Thanks for being a wonderful friend, for being there for me when I needed an ear and a shoulder to cry on, for being the pillar of strength to which I could always put my weight upon, and mostly for just being you! But no, I still do not like my head being compared to the size of a pineapple, and no, I’m not a lakia!! Nor do I look anything like the Mighty Ducks or whatever you call them!! Hmmph!!

Evil Tek Jee - Take 3

Evil Tek Jee - Take 3

LOLS! Have a great one, dear friend! God Bless! And I hope you liked your surprise! *Grins*



  1. It’s sweet =)
    But, he is very evil, hahahahha!!

  2. lols must warn everyone.. cannot be fooled by this quiet looking fella! hehe!

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