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Fated To ♥ You

September 29, 2008

I didn’t sleep for 40 hours straight watching this show..

Yes! Fated to Love You or 命中注定我愛你!! Totally enjoyed the show! Not to mention, Ethan Ruan (阮经天) looks totally HOT in that show!! *Swoon~!!*

阮经天, 我愛你!!!

25 year old, super sexy Taiwanese CK Underwear model, Ethan Ruan, came to Malaysia this weekend to promote this drama but too bad I couldn’t make it to the promo tour.. Really wanted to see him in person but well… *SOB!!*

P/S: I’ve sexier pictures than that of him! LOLS! All from Uno Magazine.. (Do we have that in Malaysia??) This one is already censored by me! *Grins*

Anyways, to those who enjoy watching soppy, jiwang type dramas like “It Started With A Kiss”, this show is totally for you!

I watched it twice myself! Hahaha!

There’s a special message encoded in that.. Hehe! Special thanks to Sze May for helping me with the Chinese words~!! ^-^


Where Oh, Where?

September 28, 2008

In about a week’s time, I’ll be working!!! Honestly, I dunno if i should be happy that I’m finally gonna be doing something useful with my time while earning money, or if i should be sad coz I won’t have a holiday this long ever again! LOL!

Anyways, I received my final letter on Friday and yay! Confirmed Johor!! I tried calling JKN to ask about my posting but then they told me that Johor’s Pharmacy Dept. is the one that determines which hospital and in which district in Johor we’re posted to.

"Puan" Josephine.. Err....

PUAN Josephine?? Err..

*Sings Johor Anthem*

*Sings Johor Anthem*

So much to do!!!

Headache! -_-"

So I called the Pharmacy Dept. Not only was the guy rude, he told me to call JKN to ask them! In the end, after repeating the calling process from JKN to Pharmacy Dept. and back again, I got fed up and Imma just wait until the day I report to know which hospital I’m being posted to!

There are 3 districts in Johor and 4 general hospitals PRP’s can be posted to; Johor Bahru (Hospital Sultanah Aminah and Hospital Sultan Ismail), Batu Pahat (Hospital Batu Pahat), and Muar (Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah).

Wah!! Anxious!!

I’m kinda hoping for Hospital Sultan Ismail.. *Crossing fingers and praying hard!*

Will keep you guys posted! And to my friends who got the hospitals of their choice, congrats! Happy for you guys! To those who didn’t, well.. Things happen for a reason!



Happy 23rd Birthday, Freddie Wee!!!

Have a great one and may this special day of yours be filled with wonderful memories!!


Music Is The Answer

September 25, 2008

I was reading this post in Freddie’s blog – a tag actually.. And I found it rather interesting! So anyways, although I wasn’t tagged (no one was lols), Imma do it for fun~!! ^_^

So let’s see… how does it start..


  1. Turn on your Mp3, Ipod, etc and put the songs to shuffle.
  2. For each ques, press next to get the answer.
  3. Be honest and just write the name of that song out.
  4. Try to justify your answer by placing brackets after the song.
  5. Tell the world.


Music.. Check!

Music.. Check! Ready, Set, and GO!!

1. If someone says, “is this okay?”

  • This Is Me – Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas (Obviously it’s ok if it’s done by Me! Hehe..)

2. How would you describe yourself?

  • Valentine’s Day – Linkin Park (The first line is “my insides all turn to ash”.. What can I say? I’m just too darn HOT! Woot~!)

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?

  • Pirate Fight – Ilan Eshkeri (I like em’ fiesty!! ROAR!!)

4. How do you feel today?

  • Touch My Body – Mariah Carey (Need I say more? *Wink*)

5. What is your life’s purpose?

  • Breakdown – Daughtry (One of the lines goes like this: “Well, I’m sitting alone thinking about it all over coffee”.. Urm, I guess I’m looking for someone to sit with me? LOLS!)

6. What is your motto?

  • Kiwi – Maroon 5 (Hahaha! Tell you what.. See the lyrics to this song for yourself, and you tell me!)

7. What do your friends think of you?

  • Ain’t No Stopping Us Now – McFadden & Whitehead (I’m hyperactive and unstoppable? Lalala~!!)

8. What do you think of your parents?

  • With You – Chris Brown (“I’m so glad to be yours!” Forever and ever!!)

9. What do you think about very often?

  • Apologize – One Republic (Hmm.. I guess a few months back I thought quite a bit about this but “it’s too late to apologize”~!!)

10. What is 2+2?

  • Three Witches – Ilan Eshkeri (Lols! Seems like I forgot how to count!)

11. What do you think of your best friends

  • Show Me Tha’ Money – Petey Pablo (Hahaha! I would interpret that as we have a lot of expensive fun!!)

12. What do you think of the person you like?

  • Brothers – Hans Zimmer (Ah.. Well.. the last guy I kinda had a crush on calls me that! Lols!)

13. What is your life?

  • More Time – Needtobreathe (At the moment, I’ve too much time on my hands.. But in a few days, I’ll be begging for more time!)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • Take It Slow – Estrella (I’m forever young~!! I age slow so don’t ask me what I wanna be when I grow up!)

15. What do you think when you see the person you like?

  • Love You Till The End – The Pogues (When I meet the right one I suppose..)

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?

  • Losing My Way – Justin Timberlake (Haha! Kinda makes me think of the cheesy pick-up line, “Do you have a map? I’m lost in your eyes!”)

17. What will they play at your funeral?

  • If We Hold On Together – Diana Ross (Err… Well, the line “Dreams see us through to forever” kinda makes me think of we’ll always be together in our memories and in our hearts..)

18. What is your hobby/interest?

  • Diari Cinta Kita – Hazami (Writing in my online journal!!)

19. What is your biggest fear?

  • All Star – Smash Mouth (“Well the years start coming and they don’t stop coming”… WRINKLES!! Hahaha!)

20. What is your biggest secret?

  • Somewhere Out There – Amy Grant & Peter Cetera (Ahhh.. It’s “somewhere out there”~! *Grins*)

21. What do you think of your friends?

  • 4 Minutes – Madonna & Justin Timberlake (They “save the world”!! Or my world at least~!!)

22. What will you post this as?

  • Attack – Hans Zimmer (About everyone hates to be tagged lols!)

23. What song would you play during your first sex?

  • Beauty & The Beast – Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson (Mmmm.. Nice and slow and romantic~! A “tale as old as time”)


That was fun~ Anyone else wanna do this? Hehe!


We Want R.E.S.P.E.C.T!!

September 22, 2008

Here’s to all you people out there who don’t think we pharmacists play a role in the healthcare system!

P/S: We studied 4 years.. not 7 lols!


“Clearing January’s”

September 19, 2008

I booked a Proton Saga BLM wayyyy back in FEBRUARY, sometime before Chinese New Year.. The dealer had promised the car to me in 3 months! It is now coming to the end of September and I’m starting work at the beginning of October, and I’m YET to receive my car!!

A few months back, when asked, the dealer said “proton’s policy is to sell other proton models before the company would give the dealers the models that they have ordered”.. Meaning, if the ordered a Saga, they’d have to sell for example, a Savvy, before the company sends a Saga.. Brings a new meaning to “an eye for an eye” doesn’t it? Or in this case, “a car for a car!”

Then about a week ago, when asked again, the dealer had said, “the company (EON) keeps sending other Saga models, not the full spec ones.. But if you want one fast, I could give you the normal Saga!” You see, for a full spec Saga, you only pay an additional RM2K for RM4K worth of accessories.. So obviously, they’re trying to push sales for the low spec Saga!

Anyways, I got so fed up, I called Proton Edar’s main customer hotline. After much Q&A’s, the customer service representative said, “Oh, no wonder I couldn’t find your booking.. You booked under EON! Here’s the number to call!” Ahhh, so I learnt a new thing today! Proton Edar and EON are two totally different companies alltogether! Fine.. So I called the number she gave me..

Now, unlike Proton Edar’s customer hotline, EON’s hotline was the “Press 1 for English/ Press 0 to talk to our sales representative” kind of hotline.. Yes, the IRRITATING kind! After pressing a couple of numbers, I was finally connected to a rep who told me this.. “We’re just clearing JANUARY’S orders now! Sebab Proton tak bekalkan stock juga! Mungkin dalam SETENGAH BULAN baru boleh clear order.. Cik kena sabar la!”

Like WHAT THE F**K??!! 3 things pissed me off with just one phone conversation.. Firstly, they’re still clearing January’s orders?? If it’s really Proton’s fault, why didn’t they go after them or something?? Plus, how can they call themselves authorised dealers if they can’t even get the stock?? Am I making any sense?

Anyways, secondly, he said MAYBE in HALF a month’s time will they fulfil JANUARY’S orders! So when does February come in?? If they’ve waited so long to just clear January’s, how long more will they need to stock up for February’s?? Do I need to wait for another 8 months to get my car?? I mean seriously! It takes them 8 months to cater to January’s waiting list, who’s to say it won’t take another 8 months to cater to February’s list??

And finally, the machine said “Press 1 for ENGLISH, Tekan 2 untuk BAHASA MALAYSIA.. I don’t remember pressing both numbers and yet, the rep talked to me in ROJAK! Hello! English then English la! BM then BM la!! Totally unprofessional! Plus, he had the cheek to tell me to “SABAR!!” Let me plant a footprint on your arse then I’ll be “sabar!”

Lesson learnt? NEVER order a PROTON from EON!! Let’s hear it for these true Bolehland patriots! Boleh lambat, boleh push the blame, boleh tunggu, boleh rojak, boleh suruh customer sabar! Semua pun boleh kecuali bagi saya kereta saya! Bagus!


SmashpOp Jumpilation

September 19, 2008

I joined this for the heck of it..

And these are the entries I sent in! (Without the words, of course!)

The Vietnam Jumps!!


Here’s one jump I’d never submit!

I’d choose fat over stupid looking anytime!


Uncork The Champagne, Baby! *Updated*

September 16, 2008

Drum roll please~!!

*Trrr trum trum ta rum trummmmm*

Ladies and gentlemen.. I am proud to announce…

I got JOHOR!!!


Here’s a list of who’s got where so far..

  1. Qi Yun, Jennifer, Jivanti, Kogi, Prasad & Julian – HKL
  2. Alan & Chia Chia – Kedah
  3. Chuan Zhen, Pipi & Hala – Terengganu
  4. Minying (HTAR), Chui Thean, Ee Lin (Selayang), Seng Yeong, Chi Fei (HTAR), Chia Kee (Selayang), Wai Kit (Ampang), Yee Yin (Serdang) & Simran (HTAR) – Selangor
  5. Chin Yee, Kee Lai, Su Lyn, Cindy & Yuen Nee – Negeri Sembilan
  6. Min Choo, Yook Foong, Wai Yin, Lay Chin & Yee Ni – Perak
  7. Pey Ying, Lai Yee & Mag – Melaka
  8. Cathy – Sarawak
  9. Li Guo (Temerloh), Shal Ling (Kuantan) & Han Ping (Kuantan) – Pahang
  10. Sook Foon & Suk Kwan – Sabah
  11. Yok Dai, Lee Fern & Zi Yang – Johor
  12. May (GH), Wen Theng (Seberang Jaya), Ummi, Ken & Poh Hon (Seberang Jaya) – Penang
  13. Ching Ling – HUKM
  14. Foot Seng & Shantini – Enforcement
  15. Kai Shing – NPCB
  16. Yen Wei – Perlis

More to come soon!

Congrats all!

And special congrats to Jennifer for getting “thrown” to HKL! Lols!