Daytime Nightmares

February 20, 2010

Every morning I wake up and wonder why…

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear piglet. I’m glad I met you despite everything. I hope you make the right decision about going out today. Good night, my dear”…

That was a nightmare to me..

Why so loving if it didn’t mean anything? Why was it only her that he called “my dear”? What does her decision about going out with some guy on valentine’s have to do with him? Why should she bother even telling him about what she wants to do on Valentines? Was she trying to get him jealous? Did he lie about feeling nothing for her?

Then comes other questions..

Would he be with her today? Are they holding hands and showing each other affection? Is he flirting like crazy with her since I’m out of the picture? Is she sure she can handle a boy 4 years younger than her? Does she feel like she has won this game? Did he really love me when he said he did? Does he even think about me? Is he happy that I’m no longer a part of his life?

He doesn’t even bother asking anyone how I’m doing.. Then again, he never really cared. I hope she makes him happy. And I hope he made the right decision when he decided to hurt me for her.. With God’s grace, I hope I’ll heal soon as I know he has..


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