God Gave Me Strength

February 19, 2010

I turned to religion in seek of help and God had answered by giving me strength to move forward and I am truly blessed with the love and support of my family and friends.

Every now and then I have flashbacks of what was, and mourn for what could have been if and only if.. Then I remember how much pain and hurt I am in and of all the broken promises..  Every curve on the emotional rollercoaster I was on which made my heart jump or drop was caused by him and by those around him.. And with that I know I’ve made the right decision..

I keep wondering if he’s doing what he did that tore us apart or worse now that he’s not “controlled”.. But who am I to say or do anything now? Why would I care if a stranger shows his feelings for another? I’m just glad I’m not being cheated on anymore.

Despite everything, I pray everyday that he will have a better life ahead of him and if he reads this, I just want to tell him I’m doing ok and that I do not hate him.. I just hope he won’t repeat the same mistakes he did with me should he find someone else.

God Bless.


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