Broken Hearted

February 17, 2010

We broke up today.. Found out he flirted with that bitch doctor again.. Only this time, on Valentine’s day.. He told my cousin he never said he’d love me forever when he sent me a surprise bouquet of flowers delivered to my house with a card that said “I’ll love you forever”.. Though later according to him, he meant it differently.. Doesn’t matter.. he still did break his biggest promise to me..

I tried to pretend it didn’t happen tho.. Coz it would be hard to break up while I’m still in Peninsular.. I was waiting til this Sunday when I go back to Sabah. Unfortunately, my plan could not be realised due to unforseen reasons.. Now, we have severed all types of contact.. Until further notice..

I hope that he’ll be safe and well, and that he will find someone who would be more compatible with him. I love you Kelvin.. And I always will, come what may and against all odds.. I’m sorry we couldn’t pass this test what with your broken promises and with my need to be home and of course, distance.. Take care, my love.. I hope to see you again soon and on better terms..


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