“Hate That I Love You..”

February 9, 2010

I have always believed that fate brought us together. Fate taught us how to love and compliment each other like the right pieces of a beautiful puzzle.. It wasn’t until the sea came between us that fate lost it’s way.. What we are now, does not come close to what we were then.. What great laughter we’ve shared have turned into a sea of tears.. What love we felt, is now just a distant memory..

We are lost..

Everyday I wonder if we should let go and cherish what memories we’ve created and move on with life.. But walking away isn’t an easy task to do because deep down, our love is still strong though it may be hidden deep and when I heard Rihanna and Ne-yo’s duet on radio yesterday, it was like singing my current situation on air..

I’m swimming in my tears directionless.. Should I stay? Should I go? Should I believe the fortune teller that the right one is yet to come? I wish I knew what to do..


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