Back From Hiatus

February 7, 2010

Hello everyone~~ I’m FINALLY back from hiatus! Although I’m guessing nobody visits anymore since I haven’t updated my blog in more than 6 months! LOL..

Anyways, to those who happen to stumble upon my blog again, here’s just a quick update on my life..

About Work..

I’m currently working in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.. Yes, I got kicked here despite putting Johor as my first, second and third choice for placement after training year.. Been to almost all parts of Sabah.. My work here requires me to do a lot of traveling.. Which is great coz I love traveling~!

@ Sandakan

Met a lot of great new friends, most of them from Peninsular as well.. Clicked well with everyone and my immediate boss and seniors are really great! The only thing I don’t like about working here is that I’ve been gaining tons of weight coz I’m always going for courses and there, they feed me SIX times a day!! *Cries*

@ Tawau

About My Relationship..

Within the first 3 weeks of being here, my relationship with Kelvin got strained since he went to Cameron, came home, and started flirting with a stupid biatch doctor in Batu Pahat. Not to mention he made me cry a thousand tears and left me alone coz all he wanted was to have fun with his stupid bunch of friends whom bad mouthed me in the first place… We broke up for one week..

We patched things up when he came to Sabah and we had a really great time in Karambunai together.. Got sick in Kundasang and he took care of me all night long.. Also went to Taiwan with Kelvin.. Had a wonderful time despite the fact that it was raining 4/6 days we were there.. Got into an argument with him on the last night coz he scolded me for no apparent reason -_-“..

@ Karambunai

@ Taiwan

Found a picture of him putting his arm around another woman.. Wasn’t happy about it.. Began fighting again.. Also wasn’t happy that he was spending too much time on DOTA.. Told Kelvin I wanna get hitched but he told me he’s scared I’d “take his life away” i.e. control his life.. but later couldn’t remember telling me that.. Argued about that as well..

Went to a fortune teller to ask if I should hold on.. She told me he’s not the one.. And despite the hurt he has caused me, I was devastated to learn that coz I still love him to no end.. And both of us aren’t ready to let go instead we are gonna try to be strong.. Does fate change? And if it does, will we regret in the end? That’s a different story altogether..

I guess that’s about all I can say right now.. I’m happy overall with work, still not happy being here without my immediate family or without Kelvin.. And I really do not know where our love will lead us or how much of what the fortune teller said was true.. Lots of “what if’s” in my mind..Sometimes I wish I was psychic..

Til my next post.. Ciaoz~!!


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