MTAC Pharmacist?!

June 17, 2009


I don’t wanna be an MTAC pharmacist~!! *Cries*

Ahh~ Just for fun~! *Grins*



  1. MTAC = medicine sth adherence sth thingie?? OMG, that will be a lot of counselling to be done??

  2. Kakakakakaka….
    What do you do in counseling?
    Really sound a bit funny to me.

  3. better do informative dispensing first bf start new thing,
    i feel funny with pharmacy department attitude,
    pt at counter ignored never check compiannce,k/ledge,just disp 1 biji 2 kali,3 biji 2kali.
    with mtac u only concentrate few pt only by leaving ard 095-98% of ur pt at counter.why not give 1 priority counter service,then followed by ur mtac.
    iam not against ur mtac

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