Back To Kindergarten

May 20, 2009

Back home early today.. Not feeling very well.. Feeling absolutely pissed at the head nurse at D4.. She made me feel like I was back at kindergarten..

During our ward round this morning, Dr. KFK asked me to find the dosage of IV Ceftazidime and the frequency of administration for a renally impaired patient and that I did.. I found that ceftazidime should be given EOD to a prient with the CrCl of <10 mL/min and at a dosage of 500mg.

Tried finding alternatives for that.. Guessing it would be for G-ve bacteria, IV Ceftriaxone maybe? Asked Dr.G.. He said, yeah, IV Ceftriaxone could be used.. So I went off to find info on IV Ceftriaxone for renally impaired patients.. Found out that no adjustments are necessary..

Anyways, while I was away finding info at C3 where Fei and her drug info were, D4’s head nurse called Satellite A pharmacy to complain about me being AWOL! According to Mala, the Sr. had raised her voice saying that I went off without telling her and that when she asked questions, I kept quiet and just smiled…

No.1, NOBODY was dying so I’ve no idea why she was so frantically looking for me when I was away for 10 MINUTES and was at the next building! And secondly, she NEVER asked me anything and hello.. Since when am I ever QUIET??

All that happened was Dr. KFK was looking for me, walking fast towards the back of the ward, when I was next to her all the time and I didn’t bother to shout “Hey, I’m here!” or wave my hands in the air to catch her attention! And the sr was like.. “Aiyo, kenapa tak cakap apa-apa?” Easy.. She wouldn’t have heard me if I didn’t raise my voice!

Anyways, Dr. KFK later told me that it was to cover for Burkholderia pseudomallei, the bacteria that causes meliodosis.. So the choices were only between Imipenem and Ceftazidime but the former covers a broader spectrum of bacteria.

Later, I went off again, this time to come home since my time-off had been approved orally.. Told Mala to call May if anything.. Went to ward supply to get my stuff and to fill in the time-off form only to receive a call from Mala telling me that D4’s head nurse was once again complaining that I went AWOL!

Like WTH! Does she expect me to inform her of where I go everytime I leave the ward?? Am I suppose to notify her whenever I go to other wards for bedside counselling?? Do I need to tell her when I’m off to get discharge medications for patients?? It’s like she’s expecting me to ask for permission to go wee-wee! F**k that b**ch!

I’ve this weird feeling she’s gonna complain about me to the KPF.. And she’s totally gonna add her own spices to which would be my poison! Sigh.. Just my luck I guess.. If I were to stay back in HSA and if I get to be a ward pharmacist, I hope I won’t be in charge of the worst medical ward known to pharmacy!


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