My Series Of Unfortunate Events

March 15, 2009

Have you ever had such bad luck that even when you try to look at the bright side of it, it doesn’t really help? Or have you ever had a series (and I do mean a SERIES) of unfortunate events that gave you sleepless nights and health related problems?

Well… I had.. And it was just recently.. By recently of course, I do mean a couple of days ago.. Till yesterday I think.. At least I hope it ended already…

Hmm.. Where should I start?

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately with piling workloads of not so long ago to which I keep putting off coz I can’t seem to find the time to do them, tons of new incoming ones both compulsory and those which have practically nothing to do with me but I’m forced to do them anyways, upcoming forensic exam which I have to retake since I failed the first time around, research which I’ve yet to touch (again because 24 hours a day isn’t enough for me), biased surroundings, backstabbers… you get the picture..

Anyways, all this stress I built and didn’t release eventually led to me suffering from acute gastritis which lasted for 5 days and still ongoing.

On the first day I of my gastric attack (and my series of bad luck), I was having a bad hair day and I couldn’t find clean socks in the morning and I actually asked “Could things get any worse?”.. Lo and behold.. It did!

Anyways, when I had my first gastric attack,  I went to A&E.. I was in terrible pain (the kind which made you wanna end your life coz you just couldn’t stand it) and stupidly enough, I allowed them to make me wait! I could’ve easily gone through other channels to be placed in the yellow zone straight but noooo.. I had to follow protocol and was made to wait at the green zone despite me being in obvious pain!

Because I couldn’t stand it anymore (seriously, I was about to fall of the chair), I went to one of the SN and asked her if I could see a doctor ASAP.. Which I did.. So anyways, the doctor diagnosed me with gastritis (btw, I didn’t know it was gastritis coz the only other time I got it was way back in uni and it wasn’t as bad) and I distinctly heard her instructing the SN to give me a jab of IM Tramadol STAT.. She said it would ease my pain.. No gastric meds, nothing.. Except for that on the Rx slip..

So anyways, because I was only given IM Tramal — without metochlorpramide or anything else for that matter — I reacted very badly towards it.. I started to have very severe projectile vomiting and a bad case of diarrhoea.. Not to mention light headedness and SOB! But the pain at my epigastrium was still persistent and getting worse! Thank God Kelvin was there to send me home.. I wouldn’t have made it back myself..

Anyways, I came home and after more vomiting and diarrhoea and freaking Kelvin out with how badly IM Tramal was affecting me, I went off to sleep.. I guess Tramal made me sleepy as well.. *Shrug*.. But the sleep did me good.. My gastric pain went away during that period of time..

Before I move on to what happened next, lemme just tell you something.. It’s still within the scope of my story of course.. Just adding a lil information so you’d catch on with my story..

I live in an apartment building, as most of you might know.. So obviously, anything that happens upstairs, downstairs, left or right, I would be able to feel/hear.. Anyways, I live on the 20th floor.. The 21st floor is the penthouse floor and the management is currently doing some extensive renovation upstairs.. I guess you can imagine the noise and tremors everytime they knock or drill the walls and stuff..

So ok, back to my story.. I had this dining table made of glass with one of the metal legs a lil shaky and construction work was going on upstairs.. Very loud, very hard knocking.. I’m sure you know where I’m heading to with my story.. Yes, I was rudely awaken (shocked, in fact) by a loud metal sound followed by a loud CRASH!!!

I went out to find this…


Broken pieces of glass


Stuff on the floor

And that’s only 1/4 of it.. The rest were spread all over my apartment! No place was left “glassless”.. Little pieces here and there.. Gosh! Never in my life have I seen so much broken glass!

You know what the weird thing was? The construction work has been going on for quite some time now and suddenly they’re banging the walls hard enough for my table to fall and break.. WHILE I was conveniently sick at home??? At least I wasn’t in the living room when that happen or who knows what else could’ve happened? Even then, my room still had lil bits of glass here and there and I still managed to cut myself at a few places lols! I had to clean the mess up myself too coz I couldn’t let the cleaners in since I told Kelvin I wouldn’t be needing my house keys (which were in his car).. Coincidence much??

Anyways, Kelvin came back after work and after helping me clean the remaining pieces of glass, he brought me to HSI’s A&E coz I was still in a lot of pain.. Since I wasn’t given a gastric regime earlier.. I went through 2nd triage pretty fast and I was given the IV Ranitidine.. Oh no, my series of unfortunate events doesn’t end there! The SN was trying to get the drug into my veins but she poked me so many times, she eventually gave up.. And got another SN to administer IV to me.. Which, thank goodness, was a success!

Left hand -- lotsa pokes, not successful

Left hand -- lotsa pokes, not successful

Turned out like this a few hours later..

Turned out like this a few hours later..

Right hand -- Successful at first try -- After "brutally assaulting" my left

Right hand -- Successful at first try -- After "brutally assaulting" my left

I got an MC for the next day and only went back to work the following morning.. Again, I was hit with bad luck.. Unfortunately for me, I can’t blog about it here since I could get into a whole lot of trouble and all.. Blogs being blogs.. *Shrug*.. Anyways, I had another gastric attack and so I was at work for only half a day and MC-ed the next day as well.. Mum fetched me from JB and brought me to Segamat Hospital for checkup.. But there’s nothing interesting to tell about there.. Except the doctor couldn’t believe that PHARMACISTS have loads of stresses too! Lols!

Again, my series of unfortunate events did not end there.. I had other problems when I went home.. And again, I’m compelled to NOT talk about it.. Me being me and all.. I guess I set my standards high at what I publish for people to see..

Kelvin has gone for induction course for two weeks at Melaka.. So I won’t have anyone to turn to in JB for the next 2 weeks should my bad luck continue.. Tomorrow might be another “eventful” day since I seem to have blocked all the bigger, better roads coz of my procastination, only to have me walk straight into my own grave.. I’m just reaching out for a shovel just in case I need to dig it myself.. We’ll see how tomorrow goes..

Still, I guess my luck isn’t as bad as this guy’s..

Fish on the highway!

Fish on the highway!

Saw this accident while on the way back to JB earlier.. There was a lorry with broken glass, and half-dead fish “jumping” on the highway.. Caused a terrible jam BTW..

Till next time~~ Ciaoz!



  1. Reading all this just made me miss you!!!! So much.

    And yes I’ve had series of unfortunate events!!! yes, series.

    You’ll pull through. If you need someone to hold the shovel together with you, I won’t be there because I’ll driving the tractor to dig you out. hehe…words of wisdom

  2. nice blog. keep on blogging! 🙂

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