My 2008 @ A Glance~!

January 1, 2009

The Happy Times…

  • Had loads of fun and shared a whole lot of laughter with my family, chi muis and Seremban housemates.
  • I fell in love and experienced the joy of falling in love.
  • Went to Hanoi with my chi muis!


  • I graduated!


  • Jason and chi muis came to Segamat.


  • Holding my very first pay slip!
  • Finally having a bank account with cash in it!
  • Having met one of the sweetest and most loving person ever! *Teddy Bear~♥*

The Not So Happy Times…

  • My heart was shattered. *Ouch!*
  • I was worried most of the time during our Hanoi trip.
  • I didn’t graduate with my target CGPA.
  • My very close friend passed away and I couldn’t attend his funeral.
  • Having less time for my family, friends and myself ever since I started work.

But hey, I had more ups than downs so my conclusion is.. 2008 was all around good to me!

Here’s hoping that 2009 will be an even better year for me!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Have a blessed year ahead of you!


Oh… And not forgetting…

Happy 23rd Birthday, Kelvin!!


Thanks for being such a great friend and mentor!

Have a great one!



  1. so hot! happy new year jojo!

  2. Happy New Year =) =) =)
    Hope you get wat u want this year..

  3. something to share with you…
    life’s not about holding good cards, it’s playing a poor hand well 🙂
    hope ur 2009 will be a even fairer yr for u in all areas!

  4. great quote~ thanks for sharing han.. who said it?

    and hope ur 2009 will be great too!

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