3/52 & Counting…

October 24, 2008

Today ends my 3rd of a 4 week rotation at TPN in HSAJB.. Another one week to go, then 11 months left of PRP, and hello OPD!

I like my work place, my colleagues, and practically everything about HSA.. What I don’t like is the workload especially now that we at TPN are required to travel for 40 minutes everyday to HSI to reconstitute our TPN bags since our place is under repair and renovation..

Not to mention, we constantly receive complaints coz we deliver the TPN bags late without them actually knowing the actual situation and the time we waste travelling and waiting at HSI!

If I were to tell you, I managed to collect 24 hours in overtime to claim for time-off in just less than two weeks, I’m sure you can average out what time we come back to HSA 5/7..

Recently, the apparatus and what nots we’ve been using have been causing more problems than easing our workload and cutting short our reconstitution time.. Not to mention, flushing money down the drain!

Fungus growth in measuring chambers and merrily floating unwanted particles in TPN bags has without a doubt, made our lives a living hell! And I’ve never despised bubbles so much! Everyday, it’s just *WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!!* followed by *OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!!!*

It’s not easy whacking bubbles ok! Especially those small irritating ones that just wont stop replicating themselves!! And we can’t stop whacking until all the bubbles are completely gone.. Usually I’ve a second opinion for mine coz I don’t trust my eyes.. But yesterday I was alone.. I hope there were no bubbles!!

It’s currently 5:19AM, I’m awake and listening to internet radio.. (THANK GOD FOR BROADBAND!!) I managed to sleep, thanks.. Just that my brain voluntarily started working at 4.30AM! And now, I can’t get back to sleep!!

Really hungry now coz I didn’t eat proper dinner.. I just had a piece of cake like thingy, and a packet of milo.. I’ve fallen sick too, no thanks to the rain and the toll my work has taken on my body and mind! Too bad taking MC would mean less leave..

Today is probably gonna be a long day coz two of my TPN colleagues aren’t gonna be around.. Which also prolly means my workload will be trippled since I’ve to do their share! Sure I’ll have help.. But would it be enough? But well.. TGIF!

I’ll be on Deepavali shift this Sunday and Monday.. It was just Sunday, originally, but I’m taking over for my friend since she’s got other plans.. I can’t go back home anyways since I’m booked to work on Sunday.. But I’ve requested to claim for time-off next Tuesday so that I’ll have a day to rest..

Forensic Exam is on the 3rd of next month.. I didn’t wanna sit for it so soon since I’ve just started work and am trying to get used to working life still.. Besides, I don’t have the time to sit down and study those boring books on Malaysian statutes! Ah well, I’m prepared for the worst!

Anyways, that’s about all the updates I have for now.. Here’s hoping that there will be no technical errors today! Will check on the baby later this morning to make sure he’s fine.. Like I said.. I’m afraid there might have been bubbles in the preparation yesterday that I was not aware of.. Sigh..

Til’ next time.. Wish me luck! ^^ *COUGH! COUGH!!*



  1. keep on the fighting spirit jo!

  2. Don’t worry too much, do your best. IMU has trained us well in handling all the stress. =)

  3. Aduh, so kesian ah u, cough here sick there!! Must be very xinku eh??? Eat more eat more, JB food, I miss them so much!! Eat koew tiow kia then all ur frustration + illness will fade away one =) *hugs*

  4. kah yee: i will do that! thanks ^^

    josantoes: yes, IMU has indeed trained us well! not only in handling stress.. but you’ll be surprised how much more of an advantage you have over other PRP’s when you start work because of the exposure Bpharm gave us.. 🙂

    kiwi-bird: very xinku oo!! until now still coughing!! at least no fever de.. i so far havent found any really good JB food wor.. i miss segamat food!! *cries* must try koew tiow kua la.. haha.. *hugs back!*

  5. Tough. Don worry look on the bright side..im sure after all this u’ll turn into a super REAL woman very very soon….

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