Unofficial Open House

October 18, 2008

It was to celebrate Yen Teng’s last day as a PRP in HSA.. My colleagues at TPN planned to have a small gathering at my place, pot luck style! So since Xin Hui and I haven’t had an open house, we decided to make this a “somewhat” open house that night..

During lunch time, Yen Teng, Yok Dai, Wai Meng and I went out for lunch and at the same time to get some foodstuff for the gathering.. Finally after days of eating crappy JB food, Yen Teng introduced some good laksa mee when I was at the brink of giving up all hope of ever eating good food in JB!

Lazy-eyed Yen Teng & Eedaii

Me & Meng zhai~!

Me & Meng zhai~!

PRP's @ TPN/Manufacturing

New PRP's @ TPN/Manufacturing

Later that night, the whole TPN/Aseptic manufacturing department except Kak Aini and Puan Siti (my immediate bosses) came to my apartment.. So while I cooked some food, my housemate entertained our guests and helped me in-between..

We had great fun, and totally enjoyed each other’s company! Xin Hui agreed that we at TPN are like one big happy family! I guess that’s why I enjoy my job so much despite the fact I hate making TPN bags!! Damn “muhibbah” k!!

*Peace* and food~!!

Kak Silva's awesome curry chicken!! *DROOL!!*

Kak Silva's droolicious curry chicken!!

Yen Teng's contribution.. ROJAK!

Yen Teng's contribution -- ROJAK!

Budak-budak TPN + Aseptic Manufacturing

Budak-budak TPN + Aseptic Manufacturing

Gonna miss you, Yen Teng!! Thanks for being a patient and great TPN teacher!! Hehe! Good luck in Segamat hospital.. Hopefully I’ll be able to join you there next year!

P/S: If you think the pics are terrible (e.g. lighting) blame Xin Hui! LOLS!



  1. Nice, really ‘muhibbah’ lar you guys.

  2. haha.. the curry looks spicy eh~but anyway, enjoy working! =D

  3. hp: haha yalor.. like family ler we all at TPN ^^

    josantoes: not very spicy la.. coz some of my colleagues cant really tahan pedas hehe.. thanks =)

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