I Still Have A Life…

October 16, 2008


Who says PRP’s are so busy that we can’t go out and have fun? I’ll tell you who.. People who can’t juggle their time! Bpharm IMU did us good in that department lols!

Went to Kim Gary’s in City Square JB on the 14th to celebrate my colleague’s 24th birthday with my housemate, Xin Hui, despite the fact I came home late from work that day.. We asked a couple of our other colleagues along as well but they “weren’t ready” to celebrate Wai Meng’s birthday that night!

Birthday boy & I
Birthday boy & I
Wai Meng & Xin Hui
Wai Meng & Xin Hui (Same smile lols!)
Should make me Kim Gary's ambassador!
Ambassador material?
So kesian.. Only 2 of us + Birthday boy singing "Happy Birthday" lols!
So kesian.. B’day boy sing to himself!
B'day boy feed me wor~!!
B’day boy feed me wor~!!
Xin Hui feed b'day boy!
Xin Hui feed b’day boy!

Although we celebrated Meng chai’s birthday on a REALLY small scale, it was still enjoyable coz of the wonderful food and great company and 15% discount using STUDENT card! Yay!! Looking forward to doing something like this again soon!

Soon to come… My unofficial open house!

(Hopefully I’ll get my streamyx by tomorrow!)


One comment

  1. hoho i agree that IMU taught us well in squeezing little time out from busy schedule to have fun~

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