October 2, 2008

Arghh!! I’m having palpitations, I’m suffering from insomnia, I’m totally freaked out!! Help!! I’m all topsy-turvy inside because and only because of one thing..


It’s been so long since I last used my limited drug knowledge, at which time whatever information I had stored in my cerebral cortex was still fresh and since I was still a student, it was ok to make mistakes..

Now, if I were to say “I don’t know” or if I were to make mistakes that pharmacists should not make, it would be like persona non grata, “get out and go back to school!”

Not to mention, they way other health professionals would look at me with the “tsk, how stupid” look, which would obviously make me feel like burying my head in the ground!

What if patients were to ask me something and I didn’t know how to answer them?? I can’t be telling them, “oh, I’m sorry.. I’m a new pharmacist so I don’t know how to answer you” can I??

Even if you tell the patient, “can I get back to you on that?”, or what if I gave them the wrong answer?? They’d already be raising their eyebrows thinking, “my goodness, she’s a pharmacist and she doesn’t know??”

And what if I were to kill someone?? OMG!! Imagine having to face with the fact that you’re a murderer apart from facing lawsuits from all over!! *Shudder* Let’s not go there…


Truth be told, I’m a total wreck now.. I wonder if any of my friends are feeling the same way as me.. Unconfident, scared, and unprepared..

God help me! *Prays*



  1. eh PUAN josephine
    no problem one lah
    i m sure there r senior staffs to watch over u!!
    believe in urself lah…if u think u can, U CAN!
    kalau dah buat silap, jangan confess u r from SEGAMAT tau! kekekekekeke…
    nola… 🙂 kalau buat silap, admit it with a thick face!

    Chia Ling

  2. aduh… takut kena marah~!!! but no worries.. i will bersemangat!! and i’m a CIK ok.. ishhhh

  3. Oh gosh!!! c’mon, it seems tat now you can’t recall anything. but when u are there, all ur talent will flow out one~~~

    Dun stress!!! *support u*

  4. Don’t worry, I am not prepared too 😛

  5. Learning process doesn’t stop by graduation, you’ll get more pro once you start to apply it in your working place. Jia you! And enjoy working CIK Jo!

  6. kiwi: lols.. i hope so de.. thanks for the support oo~!!

    hp: lols! good luck to you k!

    ching mun: thanks ching mun!! i really hope ill enjoy my days in the 2nd most busiest hospital in malaysia!!!

  7. Woman! Whenever you feel like a panic attack is coming, take long, deep breaths. Give yourself some space and time to think bout the answer. Or ask! There are probably peeps around willing to help a damsel in distress. And if a knight decides to help you, intro him to me ya =D hehehe. HUGS!

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