Fated To ♥ You

September 29, 2008

I didn’t sleep for 40 hours straight watching this show..

Yes! Fated to Love You or 命中注定我愛你!! Totally enjoyed the show! Not to mention, Ethan Ruan (阮经天) looks totally HOT in that show!! *Swoon~!!*

阮经天, 我愛你!!!

25 year old, super sexy Taiwanese CK Underwear model, Ethan Ruan, came to Malaysia this weekend to promote this drama but too bad I couldn’t make it to the promo tour.. Really wanted to see him in person but well… *SOB!!*

P/S: I’ve sexier pictures than that of him! LOLS! All from Uno Magazine.. (Do we have that in Malaysia??) This one is already censored by me! *Grins*

Anyways, to those who enjoy watching soppy, jiwang type dramas like “It Started With A Kiss”, this show is totally for you!

I watched it twice myself! Hahaha!

There’s a special message encoded in that.. Hehe! Special thanks to Sze May for helping me with the Chinese words~!! ^-^



  1. -_-ll ….. speechless…..

  2. i know rite!! hes so hot that you’re just lost for words~!! lols!!!!

  3. porn star!

  4. goodness, 40 hours?! O_o and i thought my 10pm-10am was remarkable already. -_-” omg, love his body. *drools drools drools*

  5. kuan: you jealous issit?? haha! work out ler 😛

    wan ching: yup~!! non stop lols! the show was 38 hours, so the other 2 hours were toilet time + makan time + internet time XD.. and don’t drool on my hubby k! lols!! see no touch *grins*

  6. how come you not sleep for 40 hours? Very deteriorating eventhough you love “your” ethan ruan

  7. lols! too engrossed in the show as well~ just like how some ppl just cant put a good book down til they’ve finished reading it.. hehe

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