Where Oh, Where?

September 28, 2008

In about a week’s time, I’ll be working!!! Honestly, I dunno if i should be happy that I’m finally gonna be doing something useful with my time while earning money, or if i should be sad coz I won’t have a holiday this long ever again! LOL!

Anyways, I received my final letter on Friday and yay! Confirmed Johor!! I tried calling JKN to ask about my posting but then they told me that Johor’s Pharmacy Dept. is the one that determines which hospital and in which district in Johor we’re posted to.

"Puan" Josephine.. Err....

PUAN Josephine?? Err..

*Sings Johor Anthem*

*Sings Johor Anthem*

So much to do!!!

Headache! -_-"

So I called the Pharmacy Dept. Not only was the guy rude, he told me to call JKN to ask them! In the end, after repeating the calling process from JKN to Pharmacy Dept. and back again, I got fed up and Imma just wait until the day I report to know which hospital I’m being posted to!

There are 3 districts in Johor and 4 general hospitals PRP’s can be posted to; Johor Bahru (Hospital Sultanah Aminah and Hospital Sultan Ismail), Batu Pahat (Hospital Batu Pahat), and Muar (Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah).

Wah!! Anxious!!

I’m kinda hoping for Hospital Sultan Ismail.. *Crossing fingers and praying hard!*

Will keep you guys posted! And to my friends who got the hospitals of their choice, congrats! Happy for you guys! To those who didn’t, well.. Things happen for a reason!



Happy 23rd Birthday, Freddie Wee!!!

Have a great one and may this special day of yours be filled with wonderful memories!!



  1. Good, you still get JOHOR in the end!!! =) happy for ya, PUAN, wahahahaha!!

    Aiyo, dun care bout the ‘puan’ thingy la. Not important.


  2. aiyo.. make me feel so tied down and old ler lols~!

    my friend even worse.. hers was TUAN!!


  3. To Puan Josephine Yeo, first of all congratulations to you. Hope you can get the hospital that you want.

    NB: My letter, i was referred as Encik. 😛

  4. Omg puan! Hahahahahahahahaha. Omgggggggg I can’t stop laughing =PPPP

  5. hp84: ish.. purposely wanna make me jealous issit, ENCIK lai??

    lilyputty: hah! laugh sumore.. after you become puan earlier than me then you tau! lols!

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