“Clearing January’s”

September 19, 2008

I booked a Proton Saga BLM wayyyy back in FEBRUARY, sometime before Chinese New Year.. The dealer had promised the car to me in 3 months! It is now coming to the end of September and I’m starting work at the beginning of October, and I’m YET to receive my car!!

A few months back, when asked, the dealer said “proton’s policy is to sell other proton models before the company would give the dealers the models that they have ordered”.. Meaning, if the ordered a Saga, they’d have to sell for example, a Savvy, before the company sends a Saga.. Brings a new meaning to “an eye for an eye” doesn’t it? Or in this case, “a car for a car!”

Then about a week ago, when asked again, the dealer had said, “the company (EON) keeps sending other Saga models, not the full spec ones.. But if you want one fast, I could give you the normal Saga!” You see, for a full spec Saga, you only pay an additional RM2K for RM4K worth of accessories.. So obviously, they’re trying to push sales for the low spec Saga!

Anyways, I got so fed up, I called Proton Edar’s main customer hotline. After much Q&A’s, the customer service representative said, “Oh, no wonder I couldn’t find your booking.. You booked under EON! Here’s the number to call!” Ahhh, so I learnt a new thing today! Proton Edar and EON are two totally different companies alltogether! Fine.. So I called the number she gave me..

Now, unlike Proton Edar’s customer hotline, EON’s hotline was the “Press 1 for English/ Press 0 to talk to our sales representative” kind of hotline.. Yes, the IRRITATING kind! After pressing a couple of numbers, I was finally connected to a rep who told me this.. “We’re just clearing JANUARY’S orders now! Sebab Proton tak bekalkan stock juga! Mungkin dalam SETENGAH BULAN baru boleh clear order.. Cik kena sabar la!”

Like WHAT THE F**K??!! 3 things pissed me off with just one phone conversation.. Firstly, they’re still clearing January’s orders?? If it’s really Proton’s fault, why didn’t they go after them or something?? Plus, how can they call themselves authorised dealers if they can’t even get the stock?? Am I making any sense?

Anyways, secondly, he said MAYBE in HALF a month’s time will they fulfil JANUARY’S orders! So when does February come in?? If they’ve waited so long to just clear January’s, how long more will they need to stock up for February’s?? Do I need to wait for another 8 months to get my car?? I mean seriously! It takes them 8 months to cater to January’s waiting list, who’s to say it won’t take another 8 months to cater to February’s list??

And finally, the machine said “Press 1 for ENGLISH, Tekan 2 untuk BAHASA MALAYSIA.. I don’t remember pressing both numbers and yet, the rep talked to me in ROJAK! Hello! English then English la! BM then BM la!! Totally unprofessional! Plus, he had the cheek to tell me to “SABAR!!” Let me plant a footprint on your arse then I’ll be “sabar!”

Lesson learnt? NEVER order a PROTON from EON!! Let’s hear it for these true Bolehland patriots! Boleh lambat, boleh push the blame, boleh tunggu, boleh rojak, boleh suruh customer sabar! Semua pun boleh kecuali bagi saya kereta saya! Bagus!



  1. wow! the grand saga of terrible proton saga!
    they didn’t learn n they never will learn.
    r u still waiting for your proton saga?
    my suggestion…stop supporting them if they can’t even meet simple customers’ expectations.

  2. Dear Jojo, relax!
    Yr car wil b arrived in a short while.
    By the way, this new proton look nice.
    which color u order?

  3. Say “Tak Nak” to Proton.
    Get a better car like Suzuki Swift, do you want to take all your leave to service your new Saga in your first year of ownership?

  4. mag: yeah still waiting.. bloody eon!

    yeeyin: hope so la.. i dunno how long more i’ll have to wait haiz.. ordered silver colour

    ph: lols suzuki swift very expensive ler.. anyways, the saga is a gift so i cant complain la 🙂

  5. Wah, so terrible. Next time, don’t get local car. Wait till they improve their service.

  6. i waited 3 months for myvi and i already think its long. Local car supplier always fits with a word – WAIT. =) happy graduating and happy working.

  7. hp84: lols yeah.. no more local cars for me!

    jst: haha.. bolehland mar.. memang boleh tunggu.. lols.. thanks jst and good luck with ur final year in bpharm ^^

  8. If it is a gift I would persuade that person to write me a check of 35k and loan about 40k to get a better car in every aspect.

  9. Gal.. I agree with magdalene tremendously. Supporting them is not the idea if you expect good service.

  10. well…. i already cancelled the saga…

    i’m getting a persona!!


    getting it in two weeks coz i asked for special number ^^

  11. last time, the same things also happen on me.. what we can do..?? We need to do somethin like “psychology” tricks to them.. u must be smart n creative..

  12. wow…u wait for so long time still can tahan? i order a saga blm s.e on oktober but bow stillno any information i already tak boleh sabar liao….!!wat the proton doing..how thew work???very dint understant…

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