Uncork The Champagne, Baby! *Updated*

September 16, 2008

Drum roll please~!!

*Trrr trum trum ta rum trummmmm*

Ladies and gentlemen.. I am proud to announce…

I got JOHOR!!!


Here’s a list of who’s got where so far..

  1. Qi Yun, Jennifer, Jivanti, Kogi, Prasad & Julian – HKL
  2. Alan & Chia Chia – Kedah
  3. Chuan Zhen, Pipi & Hala – Terengganu
  4. Minying (HTAR), Chui Thean, Ee Lin (Selayang), Seng Yeong, Chi Fei (HTAR), Chia Kee (Selayang), Wai Kit (Ampang), Yee Yin (Serdang) & Simran (HTAR) – Selangor
  5. Chin Yee, Kee Lai, Su Lyn, Cindy & Yuen Nee – Negeri Sembilan
  6. Min Choo, Yook Foong, Wai Yin, Lay Chin & Yee Ni – Perak
  7. Pey Ying, Lai Yee & Mag – Melaka
  8. Cathy – Sarawak
  9. Li Guo (Temerloh), Shal Ling (Kuantan) & Han Ping (Kuantan) – Pahang
  10. Sook Foon & Suk Kwan – Sabah
  11. Yok Dai, Lee Fern & Zi Yang – Johor
  12. May (GH), Wen Theng (Seberang Jaya), Ummi, Ken & Poh Hon (Seberang Jaya) – Penang
  13. Ching Ling – HUKM
  14. Foot Seng & Shantini – Enforcement
  15. Kai Shing – NPCB
  16. Yen Wei – Perlis

More to come soon!

Congrats all!

And special congrats to Jennifer for getting “thrown” to HKL! Lols!



  1. Just read ur blog on those updates. Just to inform u, Cindy posted to Negeri Sembilan & Yee Ni to Perak.

  2. Hurray, I got Pahang, at least they dont send me to places that I didnt apply lar.

  3. oh le le
    oh la la
    I like PAS!!!
    PAS like me!!!
    So I end up in Kedah

  4. minying: yeah cindy’s wan i know but didn’t put. thanks for telling me about yee ni’s

    hp84: lucky you! ^^ congrats

    alan: hahaha and sumore you at first hope you wont get coz no STC there! XD

  5. how about pipi, amelia, hala, nadia?
    SElangor is HUGE!

  6. kenapa ken di penang ?? bukan taiping ? ha

  7. JO! CONGRATS!!!!
    Which part of Johor are u posted to???

  8. all the best there!! enjoy ur working life!!

  9. thanks all ^^ — sy, dunno yet.. revo, thats what they told me.. chialing, dunno yet.. we’ll only know the day we report

  10. touchwood!!! i don wan perak!!! i must send out positive energy so that i’ll get selangor… =P

  11. lols ok.. then i put u in selangor la XD

  12. lol congrats congrats!

  13. thanks kah yee ^^ good luck in ur upcoming EOS 🙂

  14. wai kit, no worries.
    Call them in morning.
    IF u call in afternoon, they r dizzy la
    dats wat happen to me.
    My name is NOT IN THE LIST at first.
    but in the end they manage to find oso

  15. jus drop u guys a short msg:al de best 2 u guys,hope u al can get wat u wan la
    P/S: those johor ppl who got hospital sultanah aminah (JB) or hospital sultan ismail pandan (jb),pls swap wif me ar if i reali reali “sui”,k???? touch wood!!!!!!!
    remember 2 report at menara sarawak on 3 oct…..

  16. yeeyin: glad they finally found ur name lols..

    leefern: i think you can request when you report that time.. thats what the JKN fella told me.. if im not mistaken la

  17. thanks jojo for helping me send out positive energy… LOLs.

    and thanks yeeyin… actually i did call them in the early morning… should i worry now? opps…

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