The Perfect Piñata

September 15, 2008

And again, that IDIOT has failed to deliver!

Today a couple of us called coz he said “Call balik pada 15hb.. Masa tu dah ada kat dalam system!”

And though we kept our end of the promise, he broke his end..

Besok posting keluar,” he said!

Then later when others called, he suddenly “tugas kat counter!”

Don’t you guys think he makes the perfect piñata??

Let’s take that stick up his a** and whack him with it…

With eyes wide open!!

If I had his picture, I’d totally photoshop it and put his face where the piñata’s head is!


Apa mau buat? Wait for another 24 hours and DON’T get your hopes up!!


[Edited @ 12:09 after getting an SMS from Alan]

This just in..

IMU’s posting out on THURSDAY!!!

The next three days are for public unis..

Smack the piñata anyone??


One comment

  1. If we really can know our place by Thursday, that means we’re among the last. That means good places has been filled up by other uni. Cis..

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