Bury The Draconian Law

September 13, 2008

Everyone has a right to be innocent until proven guilty! But not under the Internal Security Act, a law created to combat the armed insurgency of the communists during the British occupation sometime between the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s.

Under the jurisdiction of ISA, a person is guilty whether or not he/she can prove his/her innocence.. There will be no court case, no judge, no attorneys.. It’s a detention without trial! In other words, one’s inborn rights to have a fair trial before prosecution is stripped off his/her very being!

Credits to Rocky's Bru

Credits to Rocky's Bru

Nobody can be sure of how long one will be detained under ISA.. It could be 60 days at the least, it could be 2 years, it could be more! Who sets how long one is to be in the Kamunting ISA Center?

Under ISA, the home minister is the judge, the prosecutor, the jury.. He may lengthen a detainee’s detainment for as long as he sees fit! “It’s a prevention,” the current home minister, SHSA, who is actually a trained lawyer, had said.. “It’s not a punishment!”

Here’s a documentary on ISA done by Aljazeera on Power & People:

After the May 13th incident which happened in 1969, and had resulted in riots, deaths and the declaration of emergency and suspension of Parliament, racial issues have been a taboo.

During late October 1987, some 106 political and social activists were said to have played up sensitive issues which resulted in racial tension. Because of this, they were charged under ISA in an operation called “Ops Lalang“.

That was 21 years ago, under the leadership of Tun M, during which time, our current PM had stated:

“Laws such as the Internal Security Act have no place in modern Malaysia. It is a draconian and barbaric law.”

He had even asked Tun M to step down in order to “save Malaysia and UMNO” as Tun M used the draconian law to “silence his critics.”

When AAB became the 5th PM in 2003, he had changed his tune, only to call ISA a “necessary law” and denied ever having misused the ISA and claiming that all those detained were proven “threats to society.”

Credits to Mob's Crib

Credits to Mob's Crib

Among the detainees during Ops Lalang were the current CM of Penang, LGE, prominent lawyer, Karpal Singh, and of course, current Ipoh MP, LKS.

During a speech given by LKS at a public forum entitled “Operation Lalang – 20 Years Today“, he had said:

“Twenty years after the darks [sic] days of Operation Lalang, one thing is clear and indisputable – not a single one of the 106 Ops Lalang detainees should have been detained under the infamous and draconian detention – without trial law, and Ops Lalang represented the most glaring example of the blatant and flagrant example of the misuse and abuse of the ISA for political purposes completely unrelated to any acceptable notion or consideration of national security.”

Yesterday, we saw what seems to be, Ops Lalang No. 2 cum crackdown to prevent 916 from happening.. SHSA however, had claimed that he did not expect anymore arrests THIS WEEKEND, and should there be any more arrests under ISA, it would be dependant on the “public order situation.”

One of the three detainees, the Sin Chew reporter, was released from custody today. Her detainment under ISA was claimed to be because “her life was under threat!” But if that was the case… Why was she detained under the ISA?? This would be the first I’m hearing of someone being DETAINED under ISA to ensure the safety of her life!

Nathaniel Tan, author of Jelas.info, cracked me up with this sentence from his post on the matter:

“No wonder the rest of Malaysia feels so unsafe walking our streets at night – we haven’t been arrested for our own safety!!

Tonight, two solidarity vigils will be held.. One at Bukit Aman, conducted by an anti-ISA movement, GMI, and another outside DAP HQ at Taman Paramount conducted by DAP.

Candlelight Vigil

Candlelight Vigil

Without a doubt, ISA has really brought much sadness to the rakyat.. But I highly doubt there would be any plans to abolish this archaic law anytime soon.. Not under the current ruling coalition..

Credits to: The Malaysian Insider|Zorro Unmasked|Malaysian Indian Channel|Aisehman|Aliran|Jelas.info

**Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks!


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  1. I’m all for the abolishing of the ISA!

    It goes to show just how scared the government really are! Bunch of losers, that’s what they are!

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