The Bogeyman Strikes

September 12, 2008

[**Bogeyman = ISA] Human Rights Documentation Center (HRDC)

Raja Petra (RPK) was arrested under ISA today at 1.50PM, barely 24 hours after MCMC lifted it’s 2 week ban over Malaysia-Today. Nobody knows where he was taken to – not even his own family!

Free RPK! (Credits to Wattahack)

Free RPK! (Credits to Wattahack)

6 days ago, the home minister had warned RPK that he may be detained under ISA because he had allegedly ridiculed Islam and the Prophet in his blog.

First, let us ask.. What is ISA?

According to GERAK:

The Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) is a preventive detention law in force in Malaysia. Any person may be detained by the police for up to 60 days without trial for an act which allegedly prejudices the security of the country or any part thereof.

After 60 days, one may be further detained for a period of two years each, to be approved by the Minister of Home Affairs, thus making indefinite detention without trial.

Shouldn’t he be charged under the Syariah Court [Act 559; Section 7(III)] instead? How would this be a threat to our nation’s security?

We live in fear! (taken from Sobnation)

We live in fear! (Credits to Sobnation)

Malaysian Insider reports that Dr. Wan Azizah had said:

“No one would believe that the ISA arrest is with regards to issues concerning Islam. That the arrest under a law which is draconian and un-Islamic has taken place during the fasting month of Ramadan – and just before Muslims were about to attend the Friday congregation…” [Read More]

The worst thing is Ahmad Ismail still walks free, although he had overtly incited racial sentiments which could have ended in a second May 13th had he not been suspended for 3 years, and despite calls from all sides to have him charged under the sedition act!

And since RPK’s arrest also serves as a “warning to irresponsible bloggers“, maybe they should have clear cut rules on what we can or cannot touch on.. Freedom of speech is obviously not something we can enjoy here in our “democratic” country!

John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, assassinated in 1963, had said:

“We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

I guess in our country… it’s the truth that people fear! Hence the invidious imprisonment of controversial bloggers like RPK.. It is sad to think we will probably never grow up nor will we ever enjoy the true meaning of freedom or democracy!


[Updated @ 23:46 after reading Malaysian Insider]

The Sin Chew Daily reporter who first reported the remarks made by Ahmad has been arrested under ISA!! They didn’t arrest the person who said it, but they arrested the person who reported it?? What she had written wasn’t a lie.. Other reporters heard it as well!

Moreover, Ahmad admitted he had said it during his conference — to which he then turned around and said it was based on historical facts! But he ignited the tension more by asking the Chinese to “not act like the Jews in America” and so on and so forth!

As the author of Malaysians Say The Darndest Things puts it:

“A case of shooting the messenger, while the person who wrote the message gets of scot-free.”

Honestly, I don’t know how much more of this can we take! It seems that the bogeyman exists to destroy the freedom fighters, honest journalism, and human rights!

Since when did we start living under such tyranny and in such fear?! And not of war or of natural disasters.. But of an act that was made to maintain justice in our country??

Will they charge me under ISA too for expressing my feelings this way??


[Edited @ 00:26 after Malaysian Insider was updated AGAIN]

Third detainee today.. Seputeh MP Teresa Kok!! And sources say it’s not gonna stop there! Oh gosh.. This is beyond bad!

This entry in her blog may be the answer to why she’s detained under ISA.. If it is.. It might just be false allegations which were not properly investigated before they put the handcuffs on her!

According to Anilnetto, CM Lim Guan Eng had described this as “travesty of justice” and “a mockery of democracy” and observed it to be a massive crackdown to prevent 916 from happening..

Now the question is..


At least we'll know for sure who it WON'T be..

Victim #4?



  1. I totally agree with you word by word. So much for a democratic country. Do they even know what it means??

  2. lols i highly doubt so..

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