And Thus, The Summer Ends

September 8, 2008

The summer holidays have ended.. Chia Ling went back much earlier.. Brian is going back tonight..

So anyways, bon voyage Eekie! Time passes really quickly.. Hope to see you again soon! Am really glad I got to spend some time with you! Come back soon k? All the best and study hard! Most importantly, keep in touch!

*GIRLIE HUGS* (Our trademark huggles lols!)

With Eekie @ Murni SS2 after Daughtry Concert

With Eekie @ Murni SS2 after Daughtry Concert

And yay! Engmin is coming home!! Can’t wait to see her! It’s been so long since we last shared our innermost secrets over a cup of Milo! *Grins* Have a safe journey home to Malaysia, Minny!! And don’t forget my pressies!! Hehe!

Oh, and my brother, David, will be sitting for his UPSR tomorrow!! This is his very first major exam so my parents are pretty stressed out lols! Anyways, here’s wishing him all the luck in the world, and may he do well in all his papers! All the best, lil bro!! Jie Jie is cheering you on!!




  1. murni murni they have interesting menu i looveeee their drinks!!

  2. good luck to your brother

  3. kah yee: yup! they’ve got all kinds of weird stuff lols..

    hp84: thanks! tomoro is his last paper!

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