Aduh, Kena Saman!

September 5, 2008

It’s a funny thing how around this particular period of time, people are suddenly slapped with summons from all over.. This is something I’ve noticed over the years.. Coincidence? Maybe..

A couple of days ago, Eekie was charged with a RM100 summon for not displaying his parking ticket after he took the risk of not displaying it because it was raining.. The thing is, at any normal time, these phantom tai ee longs summoners don’t come out in the rain! Lols! Well, that’s just bad luck for him..

Then his MyVi was broken into when he parked it at SS2! Nope, no broken windows.. They just opened the hood, tampered with some wires, knocked off the alarm and unlocked the car! Clean break! Good thing nothing valuable was stolen.. Or worse yet.. the car itself!! See? Even thieves come out to play! Although that’s no summon, but it’s still money out of the pocket!

Then.. It was my turn!

There I was waiting for my posting letters to come when I was asked to sign for a registered mail.. I was like “Yay! It’s finally here!!” But my excitement was short lived.. In a matter of seconds, I managed to turn excitement into utter shock when I had a proper look at the envelope!

Registered mail from Rembau Police Department!! I was like “Uh-oh”.. And I didn’t have to open the envelope to know it was a note from hell ticket coz the words “BERHATI-HATI SEMASA MEMANDU” at the back of the registered mail was confirmation enough!!

And when I literally tore it open..

OMG! It was a speeding ticket!!! With a maximum compound of RM300!! Seems I was driving at 122 KM/H on the 110 KM/H highway.. People drive at 140 – 160 KM/H on the highway and I get a ticket?? What luck!

Wait.. it doesn’t end there! My shock was immensely intensified when I turned to the next page…

Like what the *toooot*?? MAXIMUM compound fine for exceeding the speed limit by a mere 12 KM/H??? I walk faster than 12 KM/H!! And the best thing about it.. was it was a “TAWARAN” (Offer)!


I guess this adds to my list of summons making it my third and HOPEFULLY my last; my first being a fine for illegal parking, my second being for overtaking at a double line (FYI, both were not ENTIRELY my fault!!), and now.. a speeding ticket.. *Groan* Coming to think about it… My second ticket was also issued in REMBAU!!! %#^@%@!!!!

But like I told Eekie.. “Buang suey” (direct translation: throw away bad luck)!! *Scratches head and sighs*


And how is it that racist pricks like Ahmad Ismail end up a political leader??

Making an unwarranted statement like “Chinese are PENDATANG (immigrants) who do not deserve equal rights and then refusing to apologise because he “didn’t make any mistakes” and vehemently denying that his statement was of racial issues as this was a fact recorded in history books, is gonna do damage to his political career!

For goodness sake, please have a lil’ more humility, YB! Aren’t you the least bit ashamed that the DPM apologised on your behalf? Don’t forget.. You’re in that seat coz the rakyat voted for you! (And that answers my previous question too lols!)

Bak kata pepatah, “Ikut resmi padi, semakin tunduk semakin berisi!”


[Edited @ 16:48 after reading The Malaysian Insider]

After stubbornly refusing to apologise to the Chinese community about the statement he made during the Permatang Pauh by-election and blaming the Chinese media for playing up the issue, Ahmad, backed by 13 Penang UMNO divisions, said:

“If the Chinese can question the special rights of the Malays, the Malays can also question the citizenship of the Chinese!”

Not only that, he had the cheek to also ask acting president of Gerakan, Dr Koh Tsu Koon and other Chinese leaders to apologise to him for being “immature“!!

Friggin’ a-hole!

We are MALAYSIANS, you parochial piece of s**t!!

Speaking of racism, check out this video some fella created with the description, and I quote:

Dedicated to Malaysia, on her 51st/45th birthday! Congratulations to most rakyat for looking past skin colour and standing up for justice and equality!! Now if only the politicians and other racist bigots will grow up and open their eyes…

Song: Black or White – Michael Jackson



  1. OMG!! why so kesian kena saman?? aiyo!!
    Good thing will come, good things will come one~~

  2. yalor!! takpe takpe.. buang suey!! start work that time must be lucky!! hehe 🙂

  3. shame on ahmad ismail!

  4. Lets just say people like that bigot Ahmad should be crucified for being a racialistic moron!

    Oh and about the saman, lets just say I’ve got a couple of million dating back to pre-historic time … LOL!

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