Tick, Tick, Tick & Done!

August 26, 2008

I finally finished doing everything I was supposed to do as according to the SPA offer letter I got.. It took me a total of two days to complete everything including my medical check-up..

In my last post, I complained about how hostile the people at the magistrate were right? All that emotional turmoil just to get one damn signature!! Hmmph!!

I’m still glad I got everything done anyways! Check out my first ever chest x-ray!! And yay! I’m fit for service!! So send me to work already!! My pockets are really dried up!!!

Lastly, my KWSP!! Wee~!! I feel so grown up! LOLS!! Now for my future employers to fill it up ASAP!!

And now, to wait for the letter from Pharmacy Board regarding their acknowlegement of my being a pharmacist, and the letter from MOH regarding my posting!



  1. For your chest XRay rite, I can’t reali see what is written on the top left, is it an ‘R’?? If yes, meaning, your heart is situated more to the RIGHT!! Dextrocardia!!! normal ppl one is more on the left.

    Anyway, I dun think you bones are big, but maybe the rib cage gua~~

  2. hahaha its L ler!! made me check XD *phew~ thank goodness im normal* haha

    aduh.. big rib cage.. sedihnyer!!!

  3. hey…how come u got the KWSP? i didn’t get anything about that in my letter. do we have to apply or wat? actually i have KWSP cos i worked for awhile in Guardian ss2…so do i have to do something like reactivate it or wat??

  4. Paiseh, wahahhaha!!!
    Eh, dun feel sad leh.. nowadays u feel sad so easily!

  5. mag: they did say something about choosing kwsp or something like that.. so i just applied la then easier.. just give the number when they ask.. i think no need to reactivate rite? as long as you got the number? you better go ask la..

    kiwi: haha no lar… dont worry~ not sad at all XD

  6. KWSP, no need lar. HaHa..

  7. i forgot my kwsp number ….-_-ll

  8. really need KWSP one? i think i got the account, but i forgot the number… too bad for me.

  9. hp: need wan arrrr.. its either pencen or kwsp 😛

    revo and k2k: can go to kwsp and ask for ur numbers.. just give ic only.. and revo no worries.. still one year to go for you 😀

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