Cekap & Mesra?

August 25, 2008

I went all around town today with my mom to do whatever I needed to do before starting work. I had to go for my medical check-up (I did my CXR for the very first time!!), get some papers certified and signed, and so on and so forth! Anyways, I had to go to the local Magistrate to state my oath in front of the Commissioner of Oaths. Coz it was my first time, I obviously had to ask around – you know, how to go about? Who to see? Etc etc..

So anyways, all the windows to the counters including the inquiry counter was closed despite the fact it was suppose to be opened at 8AM (I was there at about 9AM).. Then I saw this lawyer dude signing some papers so I approached him and asked about how I should go about.. And gosh, he was so RUDE and HOSTILE and the way he talked to me was like as though I had a criminal record and I was being convicted or something! B**tard!

So fine.. I sat down, my mom was already muttering coz she didn’t like the way the guy answered me.. Then when I saw this delivery guy opening the window at the inquiries counter, I followed suit and did the same.. Because the windows are tinted, I couldn’t see the inside.. And when I opened the window after ringing the “call-for-assistance” bell, I saw a man behind the counter, playing with his handphone!! So OK, I asked him where should I go to take my oath, and he was RUDE to me! With his EXASPERATED tone of voice, he told me to go upstairs to where I would see an Indian man..

FINE~!! So I went upstairs to find this Indian man he was talking about.. When I went up, all I saw was a signboard that said something like “Walkway for Lawyers and.. urm.. something or rather” (in other words, no trespassing) and another door that said “Court is in session” (in Malay of course).. So mom and I sat outside like bl**dy fools waiting for someone to walk out of the door!

About 15 – 20 minutes later, I saw an Indian lawyer talking to some guy at the no trespassing area.. So I went up to talk to the lawyer.. And you know what? He just looked at me when I smiled, and walked away!! Again, FINE!! Then finally, this girl walked out of the no trespassing area and asked me whom I wanted to see.. And I told her I needed to see the Commissioner of Oaths and she was like.. “Oh, just walk through that door!”, pointing to a room at the no trespassing area! Like WTH?? If people are suppose to walk into the room to take their oaths, then why was that stupid NO TRESPASSING sign even put there??!

You know what was the most IRONIC thing??

"... memberi perkhidmatan kaunter yang CEKAP dan MESRA!"

"... memberi perkidmatan kaunter yang CEKAP dan MESRA"



  1. I went with Shal Ling and my UKM friend to a local majistret in Kuantan. Quite ok. They work professionally.

  2. i pity u. i’ll be so damn mad! even reading your post makes me boil inside!

    mine was simple n fast. i went to ss2 with seng yeong…it’s located in a small room on the first floor of one of the shoplots. N there were clear signs from outside. plus she was a chinese. we just entered the room, hand her our forms, n she chop n sign. then pay RM 4. n that’s it. all that in 5 minutes. lols!

  3. hp and mag: you guys are lucky lerr… haiz..i think the segamat lawyers think they are a class above the rest and are above the law they themselves set.. but wow mag, you had to pay? mine was free..

  4. lg and i went to find a commissioner somewhere nearby his area. we paid RM5 each and get it done in 10 minutes.

    there are rude lawyers around… what we can do is just bear with it… and write an “ironic” post. LOLs.

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