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August 24, 2008

I was in Kota Bahru for 3 nights.. The first night we didn’t go anywhere after checking into a budget inn my mum’s friend’s friend helped us book coz by the time we reached Kelantan, it was about 8.30PM and we were dead tired! I didn’t manage to sleep well though that night coz I totally hated the room, plus both my mum’s friends who were sleeping on both sides of me were snoring!!!

Not to mention, the comforter was not only thin, but also really smelly (like stale sweat), the toilet leaked when you flushed (which means fecal matter could have leaked out), and there was no toilet roll!!! I then asked for an extra blanket (which cost me RM5) but that extra blanket was too thin!! Well, at least it wasn’t smelly!

Can you imagine driving the whole day, then not being able to sleep the whole night?? *Groan*

Btw, I found that things in Kota Bahru are generally more expensive than most states in Malaysia.. That includes KL! I mean, it’s like you pay RM5 for quality food in KL, but you pay RM5 for crap in Kota Bahru! And oh, did I mention, it was RM99/night per room in a BUDGET inn? Madness!!

[Edited @ 09:45 on 15th October 2008 — HAPPY?]

Moving on…

The next night, my mum’s friend’s friends brought us out to dinner. I was pretty shocked to learn that Dr. Leong’s son was married to my friend, Tak Yee’s sister! Gosh, what a small world! Anyways, we went to this one really old Chinese restaurant in Kota Bahru town. The food wasn’t too bad, and I really liked the taste of their Chinese tea! It was somewhat a fusion between the usual Quan Yin tea and “Lou Han Kuo”! Yum!!

It's been around for about 50 years?!

It's been around for about 50 years??!

Dr. Leong & wife (who's also a doctor!)

Dr. Leong & wife (who's also a doctor!)

We wanted to go shopping that night but unfortunately we got lost trying to find a new hotel we were suppose to check into the next day! (Yes, we couldn’t stand it at the stupid budget inn anymore! Plus, we were constipated! LOLS!)

During lunch break on the 21st, we checked into our new hotel room.. New Pacific Hotel did not dissapoint us! Thank you, Pn. Nadia for recommending that hotel! I was so glad it had a real bathroom with toilet papers and proper, WASHED and thick comforters!! Not to mention a great view of Kota Bahru!

Special rates for Government Servants

Special rates for Government Servants

Bird's eye view of Kota Bahru

Bird's eye view of Kota Bahru

That night, after the seminar had ended, Sr. Lee (one of my mum’s friend) and I went shopping at KB Mall! It was like one of the biggest and most prominent buildings in Kota Bahru, and it was smack in the centre of town! I was surprised to see Kelantanese girls clad in clothes of minimal cloth, and Muslim girls without their head scarfs! To think I fell for that propaganda that was circling about how rigid Kelantan is!

The only other place I've seen McD in Jawi was Brunei!

The only other place I've seen McD in Jawi was Brunei!

DiGi made just for Kelantanese

DiGi made just for Kota Bahru-ians!

Well, all-in-all, it was an eye and also a mind-opening experience! I wish I could’ve managed to catch the sunrise though.. Too bad I couldn’t wake up in time! So now I can proudly say I’ve been to every state in Malaysia except Kedah and Perlis! Yay!!

P/S: Kelantan people are generally friendly and helpful! And quite a handful of them have long goatees which I was tempted to pull! LOLS!



  1. I can’t imagine if I’m sent there. ~shudder~

  2. LOL!!! so pathetic ur trip~~ hahaha.

  3. You made me laugh with yr Kota Bharu tale. KB is my hometown though I only go back to KB once a year. You could have stayed at 2-3 decent hotels in KB like Renaissance, Perdana, Riverview, and of course the one you stayed on yr 2nd night. My sad feeling about KB though is that I too had to stay at hotel despite having KB a my kampung as my ‘city’ family cannot tahan duduk kampung.

    But hey KB cannot be that bad….

  4. jivanti: lols eh.. they give apartments to hospital staff k!! not usual hostels ler!!

    kiwi: yes! NEVER! first and last.. lols! better spread the word XD

    hamdan: lols the thing is rite.. my mum’s friend’s friend thought we didn’t have transport so booked us into the nearest hotel to the hospital.. but yeah, on the whole, kb isnt bad.. its a pleasant place and the people there are helpful and nice 🙂 thanks for dropping by yea.. visit often ^^

  5. wahaha, relax la. I think we can rent a nice place. Far much better than this budget inn.

  6. **To recent commenters.. lemme get something straight! I NEVER COMPLAINED ABOUT THE SERVICE!! I COMPLAINED ABOUT THE CONDITION!!

    please read properly before commenting.. i moderate my blog!

    and if you want me to give good comments, then show me that you’re worth it!

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