Back From Kelate

August 22, 2008

Hey y’all.. I’m back from Kelantan! Or Kelate as the locals call it..

I didn’t go there for holidays.. I actually went there coz I had a seminar to attend!

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m doing great now so don’t worry about me anymore k?

It’s great to know I’ve such wonderful, caring friends!

OK.. so.. Stories and photos will be posted soon!

Stay tuned!!


P/S: I removed my previous post coz it was depressing.. But thanks all for the comments and link-ups~! Appreciate them!


BTW, I’d just like to say “CONGRATULATIONS CHONG WEI!! We’re still proud of you although you didn’t manage to get us our first gold”.. And I found this so darn cute!!!

NST 15/08/08



  1. Glad that you reach segamat safely. Too bad you’re stuck in Kuantan’s worst traffic jam. HeHe.. Kuantan’s traffic is not as bad as KL.

  2. wahaha, glad to hear dat u r ok.
    Gambate ya!!!

  3. hp84: haha thanks.. i got lost a couple of times in kuantan actually XD

    yeeyin: thank you!

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