Are Looks Everything?

August 13, 2008

China’s Olympic officials had confirmed that the young girl who sung the rendition of “Ode to The Motherland” when China’s flag was being brought into the Bird’s Nest, was just MIMING!

Why? Because the officials thought that the real owner to that melodious voice does not possess good enough looks to represent China!

The voice actually belongs to one Yang Peiyi, who’s looks were considered incomparable to that of the face of China that night, Lin Miaoke..

The Voice vs. The Face

Doing what they did would only bring shame to the country and its people because:

  1. They put on a façade thus deceiving their people and the world, to which the shouldn’t have.
  2. People from all walks of life would start looking at China from a different light, wondering how they could do such a thing to a young girl who deserved to be up at the podium, but just because of her looks, she was denied that privilege but her voice was still used!
  3. Almost everyone would think.. “Lying, is this really in the best interest of the country?? Do Chinese people lie for their best interest? Can we trust the Chinese anymore?”

Which brings me to the multi-million dollar question.. To which I believe others are asking as well..

“Are looks really everything?”

P/S: I really don’t think Yang Peiyi is that bad looking.. She’s a really cute girl, in fact! Apparently, the officials wanted SWEET and PRETTY.. Not just plain CUTE!

Another shocking news is that some of the fireworks display of footprints at the beginning of the opening ceremony shown on Live TV which was supposedly from one end of Beijing to the stadium, was actually pre-recorded!! This was supposedly for “convenience and theatrical effects”!

What a dissapointment..

*Credits: The Star Newspaper, BBC News



  1. yea jo i was so astonished to read this news in the paper this morning. the reporters even approched the girl to ask if she felt regretful to be just at the backstage.. and she answered that she’s happy enuf if her voice could be at the opening ceremony. This was such a shame and big contrast to compare the mindset of the big china vs a 7-yr-old gal.

  2. I mean honestly that little girl is not that good looking and the other one is NOT ugly. Honestly said. Shame on them. Bout the fireworks I don’t really care but think about what this confidence depressing event would do to that girl 10 years from now. She would be remembered as the girl that didn’t quite make it to the Olympic podium. =(

  3. yes, it’s a really sad thing.. the girl was so brave to say she was happy that her voice was chosen and i too think that shes going to grow up having a pretty low self-esteem if shes going to be constantly reminded of this..

    btw, a friend of ours says we’re hypocrites coz in life, looks are important! lols.. i agree to a point.. but i dont think this should be the case when it comes to such a young girl as yang peiyi..

    p/s cathy: first time seeing you in my blog after so many years lols! thanks! like this la baru panggil CHI MUI!! *hugs*

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