Go For Gold!

August 12, 2008

Malaysia is not that far away from winning that Gold medal for men’s singles in badminton!

Wong Choong Han beat the Olympics’ defending champ, Taufik Hidayat from Indonesia, 2 to 0, thus bringing him one step closer to the finals! Yay!

Do your best, Choong Han!! We are behind you all the way!!

Click for full story

Click for full story

Credits: http://www.badmintoncentral.com/

By the way, Taufik Hidayat claims he wasn’t feeling good after his dengue fever and did not give a 100% but will not use that as an excuse.. (Uh huh sounds pretty controversial)..

There’s a whole lot of badminton matches with Malaysians in them today.. So check your olympic schedules and hope they’ll show it on Astro!

P/S: I seem to be blogging about stuff that doesn’t concern my life nowadays.. Prolly coz there’s really nothing interesting about me or my life to blog about now.. Hopefully I’ll have something to write about when I go to Kubang Kerian next week!


[Edited on 13/08/08 @ 12:50]

Choong Han is out!! Let’s hope Chong Wei brings us a medal then.. *Sighs*

By the way.. I cried just now coz China’s women gymnastics team won the gold medal for the first time in history!! They were just so good!! Ah.. It was all so emotional!!


[Edited on 13/08/08 @ 19:30]

Wong Mew Choo was in total control of game 2 after losing game 1 to China’s Lu Lian.. And even with a 5-point lead and at game point, she couldn’t push it to game 3! She just kept giving free points to China and guess what.. After going to 27 all, China’s going to the semifinals for Women’s Singles while Malaysia is OUT! *Grrr*



  1. ur being posted to kubang kerian???

  2. Huh??!! You got the letter d? Kubang Kerian ah!?!!

  3. lols no la.. still waiting for letter.. im going to kubang kerian for some talk on cancer and chemotherapy.. hopefully can collect points before i start work.. we need to collect at least 15 points to renew our license yearly.. besides.. ive nothing better to do 🙂

  4. jo,
    choon han lost to taiwanese guy yesterday. Now only left Lee Chong Wei.

  5. i know!!! i was so dissapointed!! today got more matches

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