USA Walks Easy

August 11, 2008

NBA’s big names played for USA today in the preliminaries; LeBron James, Dwight Howard, etc.. And for China, Yao Ming! You’d think it would be a tough game but it wasn’t.. At least not for the American team..

China’s defense was weak and unlike the Americans, they played the game with too much “politeness” when playing offense.. USA was without a doubt, the stronger team in this game!

And although I supported China, I have to admit, the American team did display an entertaining game throughout! The commentator was a pretty funny chap as well.. Calling Yao Ming the “walking Great Wall” and when the Chinese supporters shouted “Jia Yu”, he called it the Chinese cheer!

In the end, team USA walked with a 31 point advantage making the final score 101 to 70!

Well done, USA and good game, China!

Dwight Howard slam dunks and scores 2 points for USA

Yao Ming jumpshoots

LeBron James getting the ball past Yao Ming

*Credits: Getty Images; Beijing Olympics’ official website



  1. Didn’t know you’re a big basketball fan. I used to be a walking NBA encyclopedia when I was a student. There’s no way in hell the US would lose even a single game after their debacle in the last Olympics.

  2. lols! im not that much of a fan.. i just wanted to see if yao ming would pass the ball to the usa team and vice versa coz they forgot they’re playing against each other XD

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