August 11, 2008

That’s the title of David Archuleta’s latest single! It should be released on radio sometime this week.. While his full-length debut album is expected to be out in stores this November! *Can’t wait!*

Click to listen and download: Crush – David Archuleta



  1. HE VERY GAY LA ! gay dao ah
    but girls like gay guys

  2. he’s not gay! he’s young!! hmmph!

  3. David has delivered an amazing first single to his fans, and the public. It is rhythmic, David’s superior vocals soar and are identifiable throughout, has a catchy beat.. Hey-> I watched lotsa American Bandstand back in the day
    His older fans like me find themselves humming along unconsciously, and the verses transport the listener back to those bygone days of school girl and schoolboy CRUSHES… It has an appeal across a very broad spectrum of listeners, and should effectively silence the detractors and critics who didn’t believe he had mainstream appeal. CRUSH is the catapult for David to continue his growth and evolution as an artist – I ANTICIPATE MANY MANY YEARS OF OUTSTANDING MUSIC FROM HIM. TAKE A BOW DAVID… YOU’VE ARRIVED.

  4. yes he has! hes one of the youngest, most talented singers ever! gosh he has such a wonderful voice.. and even more so with vocal paralysis

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