Give Credit Coz It’s Due

August 9, 2008

Hey guys! An associate of mine is currently in the run to win a makeover contest and she’s hoping that you can spare a few seconds of your time to vote for her. I did! Coz I think she cleaned up real good!

Here’s her before and after picture..

Not bad huh? That doesn’t even look like a before and after picture! Looks like two totally different people alltogether! Now that’s what I call a REAL makeover! *No offence*

So, please click on the picture or HERE to be directed to Phlox Studio where the voting can be cast. There will be a little poll box on the right upper corner of the site and all you need to do is click on PHLOX 12!

Remember.. It’s Phlox 12 ok?

Hurry! Voting ends on the 17th of August 2008!! And please tell your friends too!

Thanks loads! ~XOXO~

P/S: Phlox Studio sells some pretty neat stuff too~!!



  1. Hi…josephine !!
    thx for promoting ya!!
    everyone…vote her now !
    phlox 12…

  2. lols no worries 🙂 yes everyone! vote now!
    please and thank you~!

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