Beijing Olympics 2008

August 8, 2008

It’s finally here! 08.08.08!

The Beijing Summer Olympic Games 2008!!!

Would you believe my brother and I have front row seats for tonight’s Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony??

I’m already here in Beijing! My brother’s flying over now!

Take a look!

That’s me with the five mascots…

And there’s my brother~! On his way over to the 2008 Beijing Olympics!


Lame… I know lols! But I do have front row seats tonight! In front of my tv.. At least that’s what Astro always advertises.. “The best seats are in your house!

Go Malaysia!!

We are supporting you from home!!

*P/S China: Keep going strong!*


[Edited @ 10:05PM while watching ASSP Channel 816]

I must say.. the opening ceremony… was just AWESOME!!!

It was so good, I clapped and cheered loudly at my TV screen! LOLS!

To those who missed the Live telecast, you guys really missed out on something totally spectacular! Me myself, I felt I missed out too coz I wasn’t there in the Bird’s Nest (National Stadium)!!

Here are some pictures taken from the 29th Olympiad’s official website..

At this moment, I’m still watching the live telecast.. Currently half-way through the parade of nations.. Malaysia made it’s appearance ealier ~ our athletes clad in bright orange satin traditional Malay costumes~! Very striking lols! USA has the longest parade so far! LOLS!

Lots of countries I’ve never heard of like Lesotho, Micronesia and Montenegro among others LOLS!.. Four countries have joined the Olympics for the first time. Brunei is the only one of the 200+ countries that’s not involved in the parade of nations because… they didn’t give their name entries in time!!! *Faint*

Anyways, kudos goes out to Natalie Du Toit of South Africa.. The first amputee to qualify for the Olympiads! Cheers too to Finland.. Just because they have really cute Male athletes LOLS! (At least I think it was Finland! *Grins*)


[Edited @ 4:28AM after watching ASSP Channel 818]

Because I missed the final passings of the torch and the lighting of the flame cauldron, I stayed up all night watching the repeat of the 29th Olympiad’s opening ceremony.. and it was well worth it!!

*Encore* *Encore*

Great job, China!!

And goodnight world! LOLS!




  1. yea…looking forward to that. i also got front row seats. i bet the opening ceremony will be a good one cos it’s by the Chinese. wow…i’m so proud to be a Chinese…lol

  2. I was playing futsal just now from 8-9. I miss the performance, but manage to see the fireworks. Really nice. The parade is boring lar..

  3. Char bor!!! I must say ur bloggie’s real cool! Gosshhh…ur quick with beijing olympics OC ;)Job well done, my leng lui chi mui! *muacks*

  4. mag: super panic earlier when i couldnt get 816!! had to reset the installation thingy then only can watch lols! i’m proud of my chinese heritage too!!

    hp84: no worries ler.. got a few repeats on astro.. just now i watched repeat too.. coz i missed the lighting of the torch

    cundy: lols! wassup with spelling ur name liddat la.. nanti everyone really call you cundy instead of cindy then you know! lols! and thanks dear! visit more! *muaks*

  5. Aiyo… you stayed up til 4.30 to watch REPEAT? LOL….Why did you miss the live? It was at a reasonable time in M’sia. Your attention span that short issit? 😛 I watched it live but fell asleep during the parade after Malaysia had gone past. Woke up for USA and then Australia (which was right at the end) and then watched til the end. Very impressive coordination. Also liked the part where they lifted the glittery 5 olympic rings and where they had all the athletes walking on the paper of China. I think the Olympic venues were also quite impressive. Especially the one for the triathlon (I think) with the Imperial tombs.

  6. Yes! an awsome performance!
    But I really get a cynical comment from the British broadcasters. Huhu… They seem to have a tiny bit of bad view on China. [Watched the BBC one. Couldnt get the Malaysian commentary]

  7. pam: lols i went upstairs to bathe.. lingered around a bit.. and missed the ending! so staying up was like a punishment lols! i loved the rings thingy too!!

    sakura: i think the broadcaster for the one i watched was american.. all he had was good comments lols… he even said that the next country would have a hard time topping this one! thanks for visiting btw! do visit often 🙂

  8. Hi, you have good info about Olympic, just inspiring by you I have also made a post of Olympic 2008, please review it and if possible, make a comment to make it more better.

  9. thanks varun~! very flattered lols 🙂
    i’ve already read and commented in your blog.. nice blog btw~! keep it up! and do visit often!

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