Week 1 Stats

August 7, 2008

Thanks to you guys, my blog hit the 100 mark in blog visits yesterday alone! I’m really glad to know you guys have followed me to my new domain and even happier to know that you guys are really supporting my work! Yay! Here’s clapping for my wonderful readers! *Claps*

118 Views on the 6th of August 2008

Total number of visits in Week 1 ( 31/07/08 – 06/08/08 ) : 353 visits

Top Referrers ( apart from my old blog ) :

  1. RevoWithin’s World Without ♪
  2. Christina Kiwi’s ♥ Sounds
  3. Alan Blames His Youth

Keep visiting k? And feel free to comment! Thanks!! ~XOXO~



  1. any present/prize for top referral ?

  2. haha! want me to help you advertise ur bags? XD

  3. wah, revo is the top referral. I think he got motif wan.

  4. hahaha hmm.. must ask him.. scary weiiii

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