The B104 Scandal

August 6, 2008


~In inverted commas~

Highly explicit material unsuitable for those aged 13 and below! NOT FOR LEARNING PURPOSES!! *Grins*

As happy as a community or class can be, there will always be an unknown scandal.. But like all scandals, they are revealed finally!

LOLS! For more never-seen-before photographs taken for B104’s non-existent and never-put-to-press Convo Mag by Dr. Kang, please visit Han Ping’s Flikr page!

Credits: Dr. Kang Yew Beng (Photographer); Lai Han Ping


Congratulations IMU!

But why kids??



  1. oh ya, i would pick alan too.. haha
    ken will taekwondo ppl !

  2. i m dangerous…
    whoever attacked me, will gain weight, or get gastritis…

  3. lols julian didnt gain weight oso!! *grins*

  4. he got gastritis

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