Quote The Monkey

August 6, 2008

“Yes, I do!!” -taken with permission-

Our posting letter from SPA is suppose to arrive this week. Today is already Wednesday and we’ve yet to receive it. So anyways, Alan decided to call SPA and ask them about our posting letter. Here’s the edited and shortened conversation between Alan and I on MSN.

After Alan was referred from one person to another and then finally….

Alan™ I Remember to Breathe! says:

refer to 6 ppl!

i gav him my ic number then he said: awak tan zi siang?

i said: yea

he said: surat dah siap, saya akan kirimkannya minggu ini

then i think, since he can check out my name thru my ic, he shud know whr i been posted to

so i asked: boleh tau negeri mana saya dihantar?

he said: ini…. kkm akan uruskan

then i ask somemore: negeri mana pun tak dapat tau lagi?

he said: ini….. kkm akan uruskan

Then, Alan calls MOH (KKM)

Alan™ I SPA: Surat dah Siap, akan diKirim Minggu ini! says:

KKM: oh imu, belum lagi, spa belum send in data, u try call balik hujung bulan ini la

And then changes his personal message on MSN to:

KKM: Call En. Osman 03-88832810 end of this month to check your posting!

So, there you have it! First we find out that they’ve already composed the letters but haven’t sent them out, and then we are smacked with the painful wrath of reality! We Bpharmers have been left out! And the lady who answered Alan’s call asked to check back at the end of the month! There’s supposedly 2 intakes only i.e. 18th of August and 1st of September.. So, when exactly are we starting work and where are we going to be sent to??



  1. ok….this is really annoying. the reply is just typical of “their” style…

    but anyways…the good thing is i’ll be able to TRY to finish my long-procrastinated manuscript which was supposed to have been finished in June! =P

  2. our B104 class rep still faithful with his job…lols

  3. lols! you’ve been talking about finishing ur manuscript for sometime d lor haha! good luck tho *grins*

    and yes, once a class rep, always a class rep lols

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