Blogspot Vs. WordPress

August 4, 2008

After using wordpress for a while, I realised it has its pros and cons. Here’s listing out the disadvantages and advantages of using wordpress as compared to blogspot.



Post options are more user friendly therefore more suitable for baby bloggers. Post options are similar to Microsoft Word® and are for the more advanced bloggers.
Freedom of editing CSS and HTML and ease of layout personalisation and design without limitation. Editing of CSS and HTML cannot be done unless the account is upgraded. Layout personalisation is limited.
Slower uploads with less upload options. Again, suitable for baby bloggers. Space is unlimited. Faster uploads with a satisfying amount of upload options and is for the more advanced bloggers. However, space is limited.
Blog traffic statistics is not provided by www.blogger.com. If bloggers want to keep track of traffic, they will need to register their blogs on a specific website and tweak with HTML. May be a hassle for baby bloggers. Blog traffic statistics is provided by www.wordpress.com. Graphs and blog counts are updated with every visit.
Comment spam is not blocked. Comments can be written by any Tom, Dick or Harry, or only if the person commenting has a Google/Gmail account depending on the blogger’s comment settings. Comment spam is automatically blocked by Akismet®. The person commenting does not need a specific account to comment, just a name and an email if the blogger has set the comment settings as such.

Those are just a few comparisons between the two biggest blog providers on the world wide web. I guess everything has it’s give or take. But like Christina commented in my first post, I’m happy with whichever host I use! *Grins*

P/S: I like my Hitz.FM Loft Blog the most! Wanna know why? Coz not only am I friends with the Hitz.FM deejays in my Hitz.FM account, but also because of this..


See?? Got Hitz.FM logo on the pictures I upload!! Btw, that’s JIN from the Hitz Top 30!



  1. hey…nice blog..

  2. i enjoy using blogspot, n i ain’t baby blogger

  3. lols baby blogger doesn’t apply to you ler… i put that for first timers 😛

  4. cool blog~! loved your banner *wink (P.S. Nice booty)

  5. apasal with my icon? so ugly..diamond sad face..change change

  6. hahaha thanks~!! i know ive a nice booty~ if not you wouldnt fei li my buttcrack all the time! lols! and cannot change the icon la.. its automatically generated wan lols!

  7. tah dah…another icon

  8. OMG…its even worse

  9. LOLS!!!!

    No comment!!! *Grins giler*

  10. I agree, another good point about wordpress is the post can be pass word protected. But I somehow feel blogspot is more lively, more widgets can be added. Perhaps I am so used to having a blogspot :p

    Must learn how to customize a blog from you la. Nice!

  11. lols it’s true.. blogspot is more lively~! this one need to pay if want it to be more lively.. that’s the negative point haiz..

    and thanks~! lols! i didn’t really customise it tho.. all i did was customise the header and the arrangements haha!

  12. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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