Pammie Turns 25!

August 3, 2008

Here’s wishing you a happy sugar-spice-and-everything-nice half quarter century birthday, Pamela Gan!!

Rufina & I are patiently awaiting day you tell us you want us to be your bridesmaids! Then a few months later calling us to tell us you’ve popped out a couple of little Science geeks nerds genuises whom you’ve named after Russian cities! Wee~!!

Don’t make us wait that long tho! Rufina isn’t getting any younger! *Grins*

Without further ado, here’s presenting your 25th birthday gift, though it’s nothing much, from you favourite youngest girl cousin from your mother’s side, yours truly~!

Happy Birthday!!!


P/S: I know the pic is super noob (not coz I don’t know how to use photoshop but coz I was trying to get it done by 10PM Malaysian time so it will be Midnight OZ time) but it’s the thought that counts right? Hehe!



  1. Jo: *ahem*…Quote: “Don’t make us wait that long tho! Rufina isn’t getting any younger! *Grins*”… geez like as tho i’m so much older than you.. you’re only a year younger zzz

    Also, im not too sure whether i’m ready to be an “Auntie” that soon… We’ll just plan for Pammie to get married first… step by step ok..

    Pammie: Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyy! Come back soon… we miss youuuuuuuu xD

  2. ur not ONLY a year older.. you are ONE year, FOUR months, and SEVENTEEN days older than me lols! and you gotta be ready ler.. edwin might get one anytime soon.. who knows rite lols

  3. Thanks for the wish and the dress… Wow… I wonder how much time you spent on it.

    Rufie: Jo is one year younger physically… wait wait… no… she is only technically one year younger. Physically and mentally she is much younger than you. Kakaka…. Jo still has the mind and body of a small kid…Jk only *raises white flag*

  4. lols not that much time la.. just a few mins XD

    and im young at heart k.. i dowan to get all wrinkly like rufie who has to use antiaging cream d lols

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