August 2, 2008

Been sick these past few days.. Could be due to two reasons..

(1) I’ve been neglecting my sleep to finish watching my taiwanese dramas (OMG Joe Cheng is soooo cute!!)

(2) I got caught in the rain during Daughtry’s street concert

Letter of Posting should be arriving next week.. Yikes!! I’m supposedly starting work either on the 18th of August or on the 1st of September.. Kinda anxious to know which hospital I’m being sent to!

My first choice was Muar Hospital, followed by Melaka and Putrajaya but during my interview, those who interviewed me asked if I was fine with going to Tawau for my posting and I said anywhere is fine with me.. Well, I’m sure wherever I’m posted to, God will have great plans for me~!

Wish me luck, people!! *Crossing fingers*

The 7th lunar month on the Chinese calendar has started.. Here’s praying that nothing bad will happen this whole Hungry Ghost month! Maybe I’ll blog about Segamat’s Hungry Ghost Festival if I’m not too afraid to take pictures.. I’m kinda scared I’ll take a picture of someone who isn’t there (if you know what I mean)!! *Shudders*

Anyways, will keep you guys posted about my hospital placement and updates on my life! Tata~!



  1. Gd luck for your posting and your pharmacist life ~~!!

  2. thanks big~!! and good luck in your remaining one year of bpharm!!

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