Brand New Blog

July 31, 2008

Please read my disclaimer! Thanks!

Hey guys! Since I’ll be starting work soon, I decided to move my blog over to a new domain as well~! New life, new blog! Thanks for following me to this new domain, and please continue to support my blog!

Anyways, here’s a VERY short update..

I met DAUGHTRY in person!!!

P/S: Don’t jealous ya… *Grins*

For a more detailed story, please visit my so-called entertainment blog at http://jojo2105.blog.hitz.fm

Till my next post.. Cheers~!!



  1. Yay!!! I’m the first one here =)

    No matter where you are, which blog you use, you will be happy.
    hahaha =P

  2. Yea, we will be starting work soon. WordPress.com don’t offer you much flexibility. You should use wordpress.org, but you need to have your own domain.

  3. kiwi – lols! yalor.. anywhere oso sure happy *grins*

    hp – its ok.. i dont think we’ll have much time to play around with html once we start work.. 🙂

  4. Wow… A nice layout! Great choice jo..
    Anyway, why do you decide to leave blogspot? Not so good?

  5. thanks derrick 🙂

    no la.. just wanna use diff webhost.. lols! sooner or later i’d get my own domain i think..

  6. daughtry looks like a drug addict… no wonder no one recognizes him

  7. haha! no la.. nobody recognised him coz nobody expected him to be that short! don’t think he looks like a druggie

  8. Thanks! Really amazing. I wish i could spend my time on writing articles…just have no time for it.

  9. lols thanks for visiting 🙂

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